80s Music - It's The Best! How Many Of These Hit Songs Can YOU Name?

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Sire‎; ‎Warner Bros.‎ ‎Maverick‎; ‎Interscope/Paisley Park NPG EMI Columbia Arista Universal/"Michael Jackson's Thriller" via Epic Records

Are you an 80s expert?

This quiz will ask about hit songs from the 80s featuring music from artists like Queen, Blondie, and Hall & Oates.

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Michael Jackson ... Madonna ... Duran Duran ... These were just some of the names that graced the top of the music charts in the 1980s. While taking over the radios, these artists also dominated MTV with their revolutionary, vibrant, and entertainment changing music videos. Michael Jackson, taking his hit "Thriller" and moving the bar for music videos by setting it to fourteen minutes! Madonna, rocking the airwaves with her out-there fashion and her totally pro dance moves. Think you've got what it takes to match these artists to their correct lyrics - then take this quiz and prove it to us!

The 80s was an incredible decade for music. In line with new fashion, new movies, and a cultural change, the music of the 80s knew no boundaries. Different artists from all different genres were making music for everyone. Whether you wanted to be out on the dance floor, singing along in your room, or just watching MTV in your home, some artist out there made a song just for you! If you feel like taking a trip down memory lane by revisiting these songs, then hit that button and take this quiz!

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