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Stop wasting your time researching. This is all you need.

First, Get To West Virginia

Let's be real, most people take trips to New York, Florida, or Hawaii. Everyone loves getting to see famous landmarks and taking snaps of places our friends have also visited. But come on! A vacation spent sweating and waiting in line for a souvenir shirt isn't the real way to relax. You want a real trip, and you want to come back with your family having made lasting memories, with tons of adventure stories to share. West Virginia is the secret vacation you've always wanted. With hiking paths in green meadows, whitewater rivers perfect for rafting, and rugged mountains, it's an outdoor-lover's perfect vacation destination. And it's the perfect place for your family trip. So book your plane ticket, set out on a road-trip, do whatever you need to get yourself to West Virginia!

And here's exactly what you'll do when you get there. Thank us later.

Day 1: Enjoy Nature at New River Gorge National River


Now that you've got a location down, it's time to dive into a family trip packed with relaxation and adventure set in the wild!

Your first step should be finding a hotel nestled right next to the white waters. Luckily the New River Gorge National River is packed full with plenty of options. You'll find cabins, cottages and camping grounds all at your finger tips! You can't go wrong with your options either, each will provide you with the perfect balance your vacation needs: authentic views of the wilderness, and lazy lounging.


Day 2: Extreme Water Day


Morning: If you need to get breakfast at a quick spot, stop by Tudor's Biscuit World for the perfect American breakfast, with hearty biscuits and egg sandwiches (are you salivating yet?). There are also a bunch of really great local places in Fayetteville for you to pop in and eat breakfast with the family.

Afternoon: Whitewater rafting probably will be one of the most memorable things you will do as a family. It's coordinated by a team of professionals and insanely fun. Head over to your whitewater rafting trip at one of the many local outfitters! Get in a giant 8-person raft, and use team work to get down the river. Your guide will help you and the family the whole way down the river! Your family is sure to obsess over this adventure, and you'll be talking about it for years to come.

Evening: Relax by the river and eat at The Burrito Bar (when it's in season) or The Secret Sandwich Society in Fayetteville.


Day 3: A Trip To Charleston


Morning Sleep in, and let your kids catch up on some much-needed rest. You'll need some downtime after that crazy day of rafting. Jump in the car and head to your next WV destination. Only about an hour down the road is Charleston, WV the state capitol and the state's bustling city.

Afternoon Get your kids together for a day of exploring the town. Today is about finding cute coffee shops in the city, and exploring the history of Charleston. Take them to Capitol Street for lunch at the Pies & Pints known for their legendary pizza. While the kids get their favorite food, the adults get pints to sip on too! It's a win-win! Take them to the WV State Capitol and take a picture in front of the huge dome. Your kids will love that little bit of history and education in their day. Wrap up your fun day of exploring with an afternoon ice-cream run at Ellen's Homemade Ice Cream.

Evening Be sure to schedule a stay in one of Charleston's small-city inns. The city's filled with old-timey B&Bs!

Day 4: Biking in Morgantown


Morning: Get up early again for another adventure with the kids. It's biking day! The whole family will be biking through the woods, so you'll want to stock up on food. Do as the locals do and head to the town's beloved market, The Purple Onion Fruit & Veggie Co.. You'll want to stock up on all of the fresh veggies, fruits, and nuts they have to offer. It'll fuel you and the kids for the next adventure that your day has in store.

Afternoon: Drive your family to Morgantown and get ready to ride the Rail Trails! Rent some family bikes at Wamsley Cycles and take the family along the trails around Morgantown. You'll get to explore a new place, and your kids will have a blast spending all of their energy as they charge down the thrilling bike path!

Evening: Time to feast on some of the classic hearty meals at the Atomic Grill. Pick from a large menu of locally sourced BBQ plates, burgers and sandwiches. Check out the local brews and take a walk around downtown in beautiful Morgantown as the sun sets.


Day 5: Mountain Riding Day


Morning: After a day filled with tons of footwork, its about time to hang out and explore an amazing trail with your family as horses do the legwork. Sit back and enjoy the amazing views!

Afternoon Try heading out to Mountain Trail Rides in Davis, WV where you can pick your horse, and let your tour guide take the lead!

Evening After spending an entire day exploring the Mountain State's open air you'll want to eat something true to the regions you've explored. Beware: real BBQ awaits. Head over to Blackwater Lodge at Canaan Valley Resort State Park where you will find some serious smokehouse food.


Day 6: Last Day in Harpers Ferry


Morning: Harpers Ferry, WV is in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, only 1.5 hours away from DC (and the perfect place to see a load of history). Head out to this famed West Virginia city where all of your expectations will be met!

Afternoon: The kids will obsess over the Haunted Cottage. Even nonbelievers will be freaked out by this experience! The exhibits display evidence of ghostly accounts, and if you take an extensive tour you'll get to hear local haunting stories and learn how to hunt for ghosts yourself. With free entry to the public, you'll have more in your pocket for the next thing we have in store!

Evening: Spend your last night in WV feasting at the Potomac Grille with some pretty great outdoor scenery and a nice order of fish and chips. You'll feel totally satisfied having given your family the best vacation ever!


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