20 Best Girlfriend Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2018


20 Best Girlfriend Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2018 | What Do I Get My Girlfriend For Valentine's Day?

Congratulations, friend. You made it out of holiday shopping alive! Those winter holidays are behind you and the pressure is off. Take a moment, relish this...

Okay, it's over. Because Valentine's Day is approaching -- fast. Don't become victim to cliché gifts like flowers and chocolate. Get your girlfriend a Valentine's Day gift she actually wants.

Of course, there's a lot of hurdles you have to jump through, especially when it comes to V-Day.

Does your significant other claim that Valentine's day is meaningless and you should show your love every day of the year? True -- but they probably still want a gift. How do I know? Because I say the same thing.

Did you just start dating? Or have you been together for a long time? You can't buy a diamond for the girl you met on Tinder three weeks ago, just like you can't order an Edible Arrangement and hope for the best when it comes to someone you've been dating for seven years.

Don't fret. Here is a complete gift guide to make your Valentine's day special and stress free. How do I know what your girlfriend wants? Because I am a girl who dates girls -- I'm basically double qualified. Here's the best girlfriend Valentine's Day gift ideas for 2018!

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1. For The Girl Who Likes To Read *And* Drink

If you're starting to suspect your girlfriend's book club may be an excuse for her and her friends to get together to drink, then this bestselling cocktail book is perfect.

Tequila Mockingbird features 65 drink recipes to pair with history's most beloved novels. Not to mention, it features a few drinking games. Vermouth the Bell Tolls and Are You There, God? It's Me, Margarita are sure to please.

Order it at Amazon for $9.66.

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2. For The Memory Keeper

Is your girlfriend obsessed with documenting all of your adventures together?

This tiny Polaroid Cube captures HD video at 1080p and will be ideal for all of your many voyages together. It's a little more permanent than Snapchat, and so, hopefully, is your relationship.

Buy it on Amazon for $62.49!

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3. For Your Lobster

Show your Friends loving boo that you're each other's lobsters and you want to hold her tiny claw for the rest of your lives.

Buy on Amazon for $26.99!

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4. For The Person Struck By Cupid's Arrow

It's a pretty violent concept: a cherub in a diaper slinging you full of arrows in the name of love. Yet, here we are.

These rings are made with brass plated gold and are adjustable, just in case you don't know bae's ring size.

Buy it on Amazon for $8.41!

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5. For Someone Fine AF

If your girl isn't one for heartfelt gifts but loves to cuddle some felt while being told she's cute AF, you're in luck.

Cop this bear STAT.

Buy on Amazon!

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6. For The Sentimental Soul

If you want to give someone a touching gift, but you don't want to show how truly soft your soul really is, feel free to fill in this book.

It offers simple prompts like "What I like most about you is _____." The answer is butt.

Buy it on Amazon for $10.40!

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7. For The Road Warrior

Is your girl constantly on the go for work? Help her out by buying her this fashionable laptop case. The little felt pouch is also perfect for her phone, mouse, or any wires she has hangin' about.

Buy it on Amazon!

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8. For The New Relationship

If you've just started to date someone but you want to take it to the next level, get her this sweet pin.

DID YOU KNOW OTTERS HOLD HANDS WHILE THEY SLEEP SO THEY DONT'T FLOAT AWAY? How adorable. Just like you, in your new relationship. You're probably still spooning each other all night instead of pushing the sweaty person away.

Buy it on Amazon for $12.00!

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9. For The Moon Of Your Life

There's no better way to say "You're the moon of my life, my sun and my stars" then this bad ass moon night light.

Bonus points if your girlfriend is a werewolf.

Buy it on Amazon for $39.99!

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10. For Your Perfect Match

Don't be embarrassed if you met your bae by swiping right. Most people do nowadays, in fact, I haven't met a person in real life in eight years.

You can even customize the name on the lid and the smell you want. Sadly, like most of my Tinder dates, there is nothing that smells like "loneliness and desperation," just stuff like Mexican Hot Chocolate.

Buy it on Amazon!

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11. For The Cheese Lover

True story: when I first went to my SO's place I saw that she had an entire drawer in her refrigerator dedicated to cheese. I knew I wanted her to be my wife -- I'm still trying to trick her into marrying my hobgoblin ass as we speak.

If your girlfriend is a cheese connoisseur or a charcuterie master, this marble lazy Susan is pretty legit platter for it all.

Buy it on Amazon for $24.99!

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12. For Your Travel Companion

Say that you wouldn't want to travel with anyone else with beautiful luggage.

Bonus: you can throw your stuff in it too, just like you make her carry your stuff in her purse all the time.

Buy this luggage set on Amazon!

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13. For Your Fearless Feminist

If you met while participating at a Women's March, then she'd probably love this bracelet.

Buy it on Amazon for $17.99!

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14. For Your Future Wife

If you're about to take this down the aisle, then buying something you two will use forever, and will remind you of one of the most important days of your life, is an incredibly romantic gesture.

Buy it on Amazon for $3.99!

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15. For The One With Wanderlust

If your girlfriend has always wanted to travel the world, buy her a new passport holder.

This one carries her passport, tickets, and whatever else she might need in her wallet, and it comes in a variety of colors.

Buy it on Amazon for $13.99!

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16. For A Less Permanent "Tying The Knot"

A knot is a symbol of eternity and love -- this bracelet, however, is less scary than actually tying the knot.

Buy it on Amazon for $9.28!

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17. For The *Princess Bride* Fan

Wuv, true wuv...

If your girlfriend is a fan of the most romantic movie ever, The Princes Bride, then this keychain will speak volumes about your wuv for her.

Buy it on Amazon for $12.95!

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18. For The One Who Deserves Some Bling

These are certified 14K white gold diamonds earrings. Who doesn't want certified diamond earrings?? These studs are sure to make her think you're a stud.

Buy on Amazon for $365.77!

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19. For The Musically Inclined

Has your girlfriend always wanted to learn an instrument? Does she just love music?

A ukulele is a fairly easy to master instrument. She'll be playing "Can't Help Falling In Love" in an hour or less.

Buy it on Amazon for $99.00!

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20. For Your Favorite Dance Partner

A record player is a perfect gift if you see this lasting a long time. You can help build her record collection and collect your favorite songs together.

Buy it on Amazon for $132.99!