How To Ask Guy Out For Valentine’s? #ValentinesDayChallenge


How To Ask A Guy To Be Your Valentine

If social media is to be believed, the best way to ask a guy to be your Valentine's Day Date is to just do it.

The #ValentinesDayChallenge is encouraging women to take the plunge and to ask out their crush this Valentine's Day instead of waiting for some MAN to take the reigns.

Honestly, it is good, and pure, and we can learn a lot from this "F it, let's do it" attitude.

2018 is the year of truly shooting your shot when it comes to love and relationships.

Sometimes I reminisce of the many crushes I've had in my life, and how I never talked to them and simply avoided any room that they might be in. I wonder if I had said something would things have been different? Probably not! I was a really ugly kid.

How To Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine

Valentine's Day is approaching, fast. You only have a matter of mere days to lock somebody down in to "Valentine" status. Personally, I'm not sure what that even means?

Saying, "Will you be my Valentine?" will either come with a yes or no response. I understand the "no," but what if someone is my Valentine? Does that mean we're dating? Or just… like a day thing?

I digress.

Sex and relationship blogger Oloni took to her Twitter to challenge her female followers to step up and ask their crush out.

It had some amazing responses. And, as you could figure, some hilarious cringe-worthy responses.

So buckle up, love birds, and click through this slideshow of women taking charge and asking out the guy they've had their eye on.

Maybe it will encourage you to ask out your crush -- because he's not going to do it, do you realize how shy men can be?

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This challenge is really working for people.

Check out that very enthusiastic yes.

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She didn't just get a "yes," she got a "hell yea."


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Honestly, dudes are pretty flattered when a girl takes the first step.

Next step? Imma hold the door open and get him some flowers. Who wouldn't love to be spoiled like that?? DESTROY GENDER NORMS, Y'ALL.

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Shoot your shot 2018.

Also that last line by that dude is very crush-worthy. Good job choosing a worthy crush, girl.

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We'll never be alone, because we're all being watched by the FBI.


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She turned it on his head.

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I want to know if she asked him though.

I want some more details of this story.

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I really feel for King Pimp.

"I got a girl" just ripped my heart out.

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