Women's March 2018: Locations, Start Time, And Everything Else You Need To Know

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Where and when is your closest Women's March happening in 2018?

What Is The Women's March?

Wondering what the Women's March is about?

On January 21, 2017, one day after President Donald Trump's inauguration into office, millions of women and men took to the streets of the nation to stand in solidarity and protest the election of Trump in the first Women's March.

The 2017 Women's March was the largest single-day protest in U.S. history.

In Washington, D.C. alone, 440,000 to 500,00 people marched, with at least 408 more marches planned throughout the country, and 168 in 81 other countries.

On the one year anniversary, organizers of the original march are hoping to drum up just as much support and conversation about key issues for the 2018 Women's March.

Bob Bland, a co-founder of the march, told HuffPost: "This year we've rallied, we've marched, we've held town halls, we've huddled, we've written postcards, and we've run for office in bigger numbers than before. All of it was culminating in this moment, which is the anniversary of the Women's March, where we convert our collective power that we all felt last year on January 21st into a groundswell of political power."

What Is The Women's March 2018 About?

A year later, organizers are hoping to make history again with Power to the Polls. But, what is Power to the Polls about?

Power to the Polls hopes to launch a national voter registration and mobilization tour. The goal? To get more women registered to vote, and to get more women and progressive candidates elected to office.

While we've known getting women and other minorities to the polls has always been key, we have further proof since watching what happened in Alabama.

Democrat Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate seat in a special election where he faced off against Roy Moore, an accused child molester.

It was the first time a Democrat won the Senate seat in Alabama in 25 years -- and it's thanks to Black women who voted. (Shockingly, a large number of white males and females still voted for Roy Moore, proving that they are literal trash. Opinionated, but what else am I supposed to believe?)

Linda Sarsour, co-chair of the Women's March said, "In Alabama, Black women delivered as they always do. In addition to being willing to follow and support Black women, we all must commit to fighting the systemic voter suppression laws that inhibit so many of our communities from voting. This campaign will mobilize a new group of activists to create accessible power to our voting polls."

Where Is Women's March 2018?

The main event for 2018 Women's March will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada at Sam Boyd Stadium. Vegas was chosen because it is a key battleground state in the 2018 midterm elections, and to help show support for the man victims of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history that took place there last year.

Of course, there are many marches taking place all over the country. You can find the closest one here.

Here are a few starting points for major Women's March locations:

Women's March 2018 NYC

The New York City Women's March will start at 72nd and Central Park West and go towards Times Square. There will be stops between 61st and 62nd on Central Park West.

Women's March 2018 DC

The DC Women's March will start in front of the Lincolm Memorial.

Women's March 2018 Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Women's March will start at Sam Boyd Stadium.

Women's March 2018 Seattle

The Seattle Women's March will start at Cal Anderson Park and go to the Seattle Center.

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When Is Women's March 2018?

There are a number of anniversary marches being held on January 20, but the main rally in Vegas will occur on January 21 at 10:00 AM PST and is planned to end at 4 PM.

Washington, D.C. and New York City are expected to have the largest marches, both on January 20.

D.C. will begin at 11 AM at the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

New York will have a pre-march rally at Central Park West and 61st/62nd Streets at 11:30 AM, and a march following at 12:30 PM from Central Park West and 72nd Street. You can find more information on the event's Facebook page.

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What Is Power To The Polls?

Power to the Polls is not a march. While there will be many marches across the U.S. for the one year anniversary, Power to the Polls is a rally.

The founders of the Women's March have a national tour of 10 swing states to motivate citizens into action and into voting.

Organizers said, "We've marched before and we will march again, but we've chosen to make the Vegas anniversary event a rally and literal call to action that will kick-off not simply a march but a national tour: the #PowerToThePolls campaign."


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