7 Questions We Need Answered In The Grey's Anatomy Premiere

grey's anatomy

The first half of Season 13 of Shonda Rhimes' hit ABC medical drama, Grey's Anatomy, left us with a boatload of unanswered questions... here's what we're hoping to find out when the mid-season premiere airs tonight!

1) Are Arizona and Minnick going to get together?


Season 13 saw the arrival of Minnick to Grey Sloan Memorial, and she has the hots for our girl Arizona. She's ballsy and confident, and flirts just like McSteamy (in an in your face, you-love-me-you-just-don't-know-it-yet kind of way). There seemed to be a a connection between these two lovely ladies, but with Minnick leading the rival team in the intern training program, will Arizona follow her heart or remain loyal to her colleagues?

2) What's on the cards for April and Jackson?


One of our favorite doctor pairings has been in a rough patch for a while, but towards the mid-season finale we saw a glimmer of hope on the horizon. As the couple found common ground with the birth of their super cute daughter, Harriet, and bonded over "amazing"-ly awful tinder dates (too bad we can't all fake a page to escape from a terrible first date), we saw a hint of the couple we fell in love with.

They seem to be supporting each other, even under the eagle eye of Jackson's mom - could this be the start of their journey back to happy family status?

3) Is Alex going to take the plea?


In what was perhaps the cliffhanger of the century, we saw the mid-season finale end with Alex torn over his decision to turn himself in, or stand trial and risk exposing Jo to her abusive husband. Alex is an original, and for us long-term Grey's fans we've seen his character grow from frankly an asshat, into a (mostly) selfless and loving paeds surgeon. So much of his character is wrapped up in trying to escape his past mistakes, and it breaks our heart to think that his hard work could all come crashing down. Will this be the end to Karev's surgical career?

To be honest, this is the question that's been haunting us since November and the tension is almost too much to bear, so until his fate is revealed you'll find us rocking in the fetal position in the corner. Spare him Shonda, spare him!

4) Will Jo's husband find her?


Given the lengths she's gone to keep her identity hidden (Jo Wilson isn't even her real name!), we're pretty sure that her husband is a nasty piece of work. With the threat of being outed in court, we've heard Jo mention that she might need to "disappear" again, and we're low key freaking out on her behalf. Here's hoping this guy stays deep in the trash can he came from so we won't have to face the possibility of losing Jo from the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial too, but could this be the last we see of Wilson before she's forced to run yet again?

5) What's next for Owen?


Now that his second partner has dashed his plans for fatherhood (can someone say dej√° vu?), what's in store for Owen now? At the end of the last episode Amelia seemed to have upped and left, so we're left wondering how much longer their marriage can survive given their fundamental differences. Is divorce on the cards for Owen and Amelia?

To be honest, we know he'd be the perfect dad, so we really need Shonda to pair him up with someone who can match his love of kids, stat!

6) Does disaster loom for Richard and Catherine too?


As we all know, the second half of this season is going to see 'old methods' versus 'new methods' pitted against one another, but with Richard and Katherine at the helm of opposing sides, will their relationship survive? If we were Webber, it'd be hard to keep work and home life separate when our wife was doubting out professional teaching capacity, and the intern program we'd spent years devising. We have a feeling that these two are about to face some serious obstacles, and Catherine is a fiery women who won't go down without a fight, so we're expecting fireworks. Will any couple survive Season 13?

7) Who's next on the kill list...?


We all know that Shonda's number one pastime is to ruin everything we love, and her method of choice usually involves killing off one of our fave characters (even the main characters aren't safe #RIPmcdreamy). The first half of the season has passed with all of our surgeons' lives intact, so it's only a matter of time before this grim reaper strikes again... We'll have the tissues at the ready just in case she hits us with a sneak attack in the first episode back.

Share your questions in the comments below and tune in to ABC on Thursday (8/7c) to see if we are going to FINALLY get some answers! The wait has been excruciating, but welcome back fellow Grey's addicts - the OR is waiting for you!