Cut Them Lose: 9 Kinds Of Friends Who Are Actually Frenemies

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Watch out for the Regina George in sheep's clothing.

It might be a hard concept to understand, but not everyone is truely meant to be your friend. In fact, many people you think are your friends are really toxic people who don't actually care about you at all.

The good news is that while friends come and go, the friends-turned-family are here to stay. Make sure to avoid these common frenemies:

1. The Always Flaky Friend

Okay, maybe we all lose track of time. I mean it's not even anything we can physically touch but we all know what we'd do if we could get our hands on it just once. Friends who are always late with no remorse can be a drag especially if you really need them or you are always undoubtedly on time.

2. The All About Me Friend

Everyone needs a little bit of attention but we all know that one friend that continuously makes it about them all of the time. There's nothing worse than someone who doesn't really listen and is only waiting for their chance to speak. Friendships are about balance, sometimes you need the spotlight and some times you've got to sit back and watch the show.

3. The Can't Take Advice Friend

When your friend constantly reminds you of that saying about talking to something inanimate, there's a problem. Friends at least HEAR your advice even if they don't necessarily take it. Be the Yin to a Yang not the reason for a headache.

4. The SUPER Gossipy Friend

Okay, we all like to hear a little bit of gossip some times but if that's all you can ever talk about, it gets tiresome. I mean can't we talk about the weather and no not about how the Sun is cheating on the Moon every night, just the weather, anything!

5. The User Friend

And we are back to this idea of balance. A friendship shouldn't be one-sided and one friend shouldn't feel completely spent because the other friend can only ever take, take and take. Some times friends need a reality check and need to be told that they can't just expect to receive things emotionally, physically or mentally, all of the time.

6. The Always Critiquing Friend

There's a difference between giving constructive criticism and nit-picking. Nit-pickers are annoying and have no purpose than to bring you down or make themselves feel better. If you find that you have a friend that is constantly dishing out the cruelty by analyzing the flaws of your life, ditch them. Of course you should be able to take some helpful input but consistent criticism is out of the question.

7. The Jealous Friend

Having a jealous friend is like having a small tic and not removing it. It seems harmless but sooner or later you'll see you're being drained. Jealousy is an ugly quality and while it may seem like a suffering in silence type of thing for them, it is certainly a silent killer of your friendship.

8. The Petty Patty Friend

I'm sure we have all seen the #petty all over our social media and it's funny but not something you want in your friendship. Pettiness delves into this idea of being conniving and passive aggressive. You want friends that are straight forward, not a friend that's going to go behind your back and get back at you for something you didn't even know you did wrong.

9. The Too In Your Business Friend

As a friend, you expect to be privy to what's going on but you can't cross over into being too NOSEY. We have all had that friend that wants to know EVERY intricate detail about anything, even if you aren't comfortable sharing. There are some tell-all friendships BUT in due time and not just because it is demanded by the listener.

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