Here's EXACTLY How You Should Read Your Horoscope

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It's not too late to fix your mistake!

How to Read Your Horoscope

Have you ever wondered how a horoscope can apply to you, as well as everyone else born near your birthdate? Well, it actually can't.

Astrologically, every person's birth chart is as unique as a snowflake. Twins born within seconds or minutes of each other in the same location are the only exception.

Understanding Your Sun, Rising, and Moon Signs

Our natal chart shows us how the stars and planets were aligned at the very moment we took our first breath on earth. What we consider "our sign" is our notorious sun sign. It's the one you know according to the month and day you were born. However, there are several other aspects to consider when reading your horoscope. So if you don't feel like a mysterious Scorpio, it could be because you have some adventurous Sagittarius or analytical Virgo in your birth chart.

Our moon sign and rising sign (or ascendant) are also vitally important. When I want to get a quick read on someone I look at the person's astrological trilogy: sun, moon, and rising. There is so much to understanding the complex science of astrology. I couldn't possibly cover it all or even a fraction of it here in one article. However, I can give you the tools to best read your horoscopes and better understand who you really are.

How to Read Your Horoscope Birth Chart

First, you need to dig out your birth certificate (or call mom) and find out your exact time of birth. If the delivery team was too busy or lazy to write the time on the birth certificate or if you were adopted, do some detective work. Ask relatives if they remember any details like if you were born in the middle of the night or your parents were driving in rush hour and you were born within minutes of arriving at the hospital. This digging will help to narrow down the time. The moon changes signs every couple of days, so if you were born on a day which the moon switched signs (which is very likely), you could have an inaccurate chart reading if you don't know the time of birth or at least the general time of day. For instance, an Aries moon sign is very different than a Pisces moon sign. Generally speaking, our sun sign represents our personality and how other people see us. Our moon sign is our internal self and our emotions. I've found the moon sign to also be an indicator of where we are maturing in life. The rising is who we must become to fulfill our purpose.

When you have your time of birth (or general time of day) it's time to find out your personal trilogy. There are several sites which offer free astrology charts. I like's Natal Chart calculator, which you can find here.

Type in your info and your chart will appear. It will look like a pretty wheel with lots of lines running through it. Look at the little box on the left and your sun and moon are listed first and toward the bottom is your rising. The signs are abbreviated to the first three letters of each sign. Do not concern yourself with the numbers just look for your trilogy of signs.

As an example, I did the birth chart for's editor Ashley Locke. Here's what it looks like:


You can see (in red letters) her sun sign is Sagittarius and her rising (or ascendant) is Aries. In the box just below, it notes that her moon is in Taurus.

If you have two of the trilogy in the same sign, it means that sign's characteristics are a big part of your personality. Now that you have your personal trilogy, read the horoscopes of all three (or two if your trilogy has the same sign for sun, moon, or rising) of the signs. You will get a much more accurate picture of the day, week, month, or year ahead.

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