Sagittarius November Monthly Horoscope for 2019

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Stay positive this Mercury retrograde season, Sagittarius!

Sagittarius, This Is Your Very Accurate November Horoscope for 2019

Dear Sagittarius, stay positive this Mercury retrograde season, as the end of the month will bring you gifts beyond your wildest dreams.

Love and luck are the themes for you this month. Give yourself extra time to rest and rejuvenate this month. A retreat to a spiritual place would be beneficial. If you travel, give yourself extra time to account for delays, keep your passport in a safe location, and pack only a carry-on bag to avoid frustrations. If traveling is not a possibility, make time daily to get into nature, do yoga, or write in a journal.

This inner work will recharge your energy, especially during the first three weeks of November. By the end of the month, you will feel energized and will begin to receive positive news.

The full moon mid month is occurring in your house of work and health. You could receive some unexpected news regarding work or pets, or a health issue may be healed. Everything is happening to propel you forward, so trust in the process. You will be breaking through perceived barriers.

An opportunity to work on an exciting project or a vision of a new dream may appear. You will feel inspired and full of vitality by the last week of November.

There is a huge planetary alignment occurring in your sign on November 23rd. This will provide you with a new chapter in your life. As you remain open to love and blessings, you will be guided to walk the path which feeds your soul.

Stand Out Dates for Sagittarius in November 2019:

  • 11/2

  • 11/12

  • 11/23

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