Ladies, Here's The Best Sweat-Proof Clothing To Keep You Cool & Stain-Free

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Got pit stains? Don't sweat it! We've got you covered with this sweat-proof clothing!

If you're looking for sweat proof clothing to keep you sweat-stain free during these hot upcoming summer months, look no further! We've rounded up some of the best sweat proof clothing on the market that will become your favorite everyday wear. Ditch your old rayon or polyester clothing, and opt for something more breathable like cotton. The fabric and quality of your clothing makes a huge difference in both it's breathability, and stain-resistance, which is why we only included the best of the best on this list! So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to pit-stains and say hello to your new favorite everyday basics!

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1. Numi's "The Signature" Top

Here at, you know how much we love to support female-founded brands, which is just one of the many reasons why we love Numi. Numi designs everyday high-quality basics that make life easier. They also do so in a manner that's committed to sustainability and only use the best quality fabrics. Their Essential Undershirts collection like The Signature ($65) is made in Canada from sustainable Tencel fabric and features Contemporary Cotton, the brand’s original forward-thinking fabric. These shirts include a one-way moisture transfer gusset that wicks and absorbs moisture and odor away from the body, preventing stains and leaving you feeling fresh, and your clothes clean all day long. Can be worn on its own or as an undershirt!

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2. Numi's "The Hedy" Cami

Silk and cotton are two of the best fabrics you can wear for breathability, and now you don't have to save the silk for special occasions anymore! With Numi's easy wear, easy care sustainable silk collection like The Hedy ($100) you can wear your silk whenever, however. You no longer have to worry about those pesky silk stresses like staining and dry cleaning - spill all the coffee you want because these shirts are machine washable and stain repellent!

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3. Neat Apparel's V-neck Undershirt

Neat Apparel is a brand that specializes in sweat-proof clothing for men and women. Their Neatâ„¢ Women V-neck Undershirt ($29.99) is made of 95% Premium Cotton that keeps sweat hidden. Featuring a fitted construction, you can wear this shirt under any other layers you normally might sweat through. These shirts even come in a discounted 4-pack. Note that these can be worn only as undershirts with something over, unlike the Numi shirts listed above!

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4. Arctic Cool's Cooling Active Shorts

We love these Cooling Active Shorts ($29.99) from Arctic Cool for a variety of reasons. First off, they feature a state-of-the-art cooling management system that reduces the actual temperature of the fabric, and moisture-wicking technology that pulls sweat away from the skin and disperses it throughout the shorts, keeping you dry and cool. They're made with 4-way stretch for ultimate comfort and movability. Since they're antimicrobial and anti-odor, they'll stay fresh after every wash! As if these shorts could get any better, they're also made with sun protection of UPF 50+, blocking 98% of the sun's harmful rays!

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5. Pact's Woven Drawstring Shorts

For an everyday shorts option that's more casual and less activewear, check out these Woven Drawstring Shorts ($60) from Pact. Pact's products are fair trade, made of organic textiles, and use 91% less water than conventional cotton. These shorts feature a durable organic cotton twill fabric with a slight stretch for all-day comfort. Reviews rave that these shorts are cute, comfy, and breathable!

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