Holiday Entertaining Tips From Stylist & Interior Designer, Emily Henderson

Holiday Entertaining Tips From Stylist and  Interior Designer, emily henderson
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Hosting can be stressful, let these tips and tricks help you out!

With the Holiday season upon us, you won't want to miss these helpful holiday decorating and entertaining tips from celebrity stylist and interior designer Emily Henderson. Emily is best known for HGTV Design Star, Secrets From a Stylist, and is the author of the New York Times Bestseller, STYLED. Hosting holiday gatherings and parties can be stressful, especially considering everything else going on around the Holidays! Luckily, Emily teamed up with PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer to share tips for any elevated gatherings you may be hosting this holiday season. These tips will save you time, money, and stress, and will leave all of your guests impressed!

1. Non-Traditional Color Scheme

Step outside a traditional holiday color scheme. Blush, navy, or sage are fresh and festive when paired with shiny golds and coppers.

2. Ice Cube Garnishes

Create elevated garnishes for your drinks by freezing a mint leaf or cranberries in your ice cubes. It’s easy, high-impact, beautiful, and tasty. (Bonus: Match the garnishes in your ice cubes to the flavors of PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer for a delicious addition to your guests’ drinks).

3. Give Yourself a Break

Make sure to give yourself a break - grab some appetizers you can just pop in the oven before guests arrive or beverages that don’t require any mixing, like PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer.

4. Keep Centerpieces Low

Keep centerpieces low - I recommend 15” or less - so your friends and family can see each other across the table.

5. Add Levels to Your Serving Area

Add levels to your serving area with cake stands, trays, or charcuterie boards. Your guests will be able to see their options more clearly and it makes your tablescape look polished, finished, and considered.

6. String Lights

String lights aren’t just for the outdoors! Bring some warm white twinkle lights indoors to add a warm, happy glow to your gathering.

7. Maximalism

The holidays call for a little bit of maximalism, so now’s the time to try your hand at pattern mixing and matching. (Just make sure to keep everything in the same tonal family so it still looks cohesive!)

8. Self-Serve Bar Area

Set up a self-serve bar area with pre-mixed cocktails or canned options so guests can pick and choose their beverages of choice.

9. Tree Trimmings Decor

Wreaths and garlands aren’t just for the front door or mantle. Add tiny cuttings to your bar cart or hang small wreaths from the back of chairs for decor that looks and smells great.

10. Mix Antique & Modern

Mix heirloom plates or glassware with more modern dinnerware to add a cozy, collected feel to your table. (If you don’t have any vintage pieces, check out your local thrift store or antique mall!)

11. Plan Ahead

Hosting can be stressful. Plan out a day-of schedule so you have time to prepare both your meal and yourself.

12. Forgo the Wrapping Paper!

Go green! Eschew traditional wrapping paper in favor of just wrapping a beautiful, simple, reusable silk ribbon around your gift of choice. (Bonus gift idea: With its sophisticated packaging, PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer looks great when presented this way!)

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