21 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for New Moms | 2022

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Gifts new moms will love!

Following the wedding boom of 2021, now comes the baby boom of 2022! If you’re invited to an upcoming baby shower and wondering what to buy as a gift, we’ve got you covered with plenty of adorable and practical options. From belly bands designed to reduce colic and gas to baby-safe fragrances, this list has it all. Many of these brands are small businesses, women-owned businesses, and businesses that give back to charity, so you know your purchases will have a positive impact. So whether you’re shopping for a gift for a mom-to-be, or if you yourself are having a baby and wondering what to add to your baby shower registry or wish list, keep scrolling for some great ideas!

Before you continue, we'd like to let you know that this list may contain affiliate links, meaning we may collect a commission if you decide to click through and make a purchase.

1. Craft Baby First Years Memory Book from Kea Babies


The Craft Baby First Years Memory Book from Kea Babies is such a special gift idea. This wonderful keepsake features 90 pages worth of prompts and spaces to write down memories and cherish moments from your baby's biggest milestones and firsts. A baby's first few years are so special and so eventful, keeping track of all the big (and little) moments in this book gives parents and their children ways to reminisce and look back on special memories together. Kea Babies has a ton of other great options for gift ideas, and all their products are baby-safe and come with a money-back guarantee.

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2. Support Pillow for Feeding & Milestones from Boppy


The award-winning Original Support for Feeding and Milestones pillow from Boppy is used for ergonomic support when feeding your baby, and can also used to support baby during supervised awake time through their first-year milestones. Hundreds of raving reviews agree that this pillow makes feeding much easier and more comfortable for both baby and mother. The pillow comes with a removable cotton-blend pillow cover for easy washing. New moms and babies spend so much time feeding, so why not gift this pillow and help make it the most comfortable experience for all?

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3. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Stroller & Car Seat


This stroller and car seat travel system available from Babylist is an affordable and practical product that makes parents lives so much easier. This lightweight stroller is easy to fold up, durable, and comes with a ton of luxurious features (without the high price tag!). The car seat is top-rated, and very easy to click in and out of the car and stroller. Parents like that it’s sturdy and safe, and easy to use. A stroller is a must-have for any baby shower registry, and this is a great option that gives you lots of bang for your buck!

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4. Frankie Dean Dream Blanket + Bedtime Book


The idea for the Frankie Dean dream blanket arose after founders Brian and Jenavie Noggle had their second son eight weeks early and had to spend 6 weeks in the Neonatal ICU (NICU). A kind nurse brought Jenavie a blanket to rub her scent on and to give to her newborn as a security blanket - and it worked. Her son started sleeping and feeding much better, and this inspired her and her husband to start their own brand of high-quality lovey security blankets. These blankets lessen the stress of separation, foster cognitive development with black & white patterns, and will help soothe and comfort their little one.

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5. Boon “Lawn” Drying Rack


Many parents like to have a dedicated spot to dry their baby's bottles, rings, pacifiers, etc. and the Boon “Lawn” Drying Rack is a hot pick. And rightfully so! This countertop drying rack is discrete and aesthetically pleasing but most of all, it's functional. The Lawn works on items of any shape or size, keeping them upright and dry. You can even add accessories to your lawn for even more drying room!

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6. Ubbi Diaper Pail


This award-winning diaper bin is made of steel and designed for maximum odor control and ease of use. An absolute must-have for the newborn's nursery - and it comes in an array of beautiful colors! You can use standard trash bags or their special Ubbi bags, and the best part is it holds up to about 55 newborn diapers - much more than competitors. The Ubbi is an affordable and useful gift that new moms will be thankful to receive.

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7. Vava Baby Monitor


A baby monitor is another nursery essential that makes the perfect baby shower gift or item to add to your registry. This baby monitor from Vava features a large 5” HD display, two-way talk system, and a wireless connection. With night mode, the ability to zoom in, and long-range transmission up to 900 feet, this Vava monitor does it all, and it’s affordable! Over 500 5-star reviews agree that the video and sound quality, along with the overall performance is outstanding.

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8. Red & Olive Co. Doll


Red & Olive creates handmade and fair-trade dolls with matching accessories that your little one can sport with their doll. Their dolls are ethically handmade by Peruvian artisans, many of whom are mothers themselves and are now gaining the self-sufficiency to help break the poverty cycle. Not only does Red & Olive Co. impact lives globally, but they also donate 10% of their profits to organizations and programs benefitting seriously ill kids all across the US. Our personal favorite is the Foxy Ballerina + Bow Set, but you have to check out all their adorable options because they’re all so unique and awe-inspiring. The perfect gift idea!

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9. Baby Belly Band from Memeeno


The baby Belly Band by Memeeno is an innovative product inspired by an age-old practice. Wrapping your baby's belly can reduce symptoms of colic and gas, giving moms some peace and babies some relief! All of Memeeno’s bands are safe for your baby and made of super soft 100% organic cotton front and back with a polyester fleece filling to ensure your little one’s optimal belly warmth and comfort. The Belly Band is so simple yet so effective and your mom-to-be loved one will be thanking you dearly for this gift! Plus, Memeeno gives a percentage of all sales to Givelight Foundation, an organization dedicated to building loving homes and schools for orphaned children.

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10. Cocoon Swaddle from Mama Coco


This award-winning swaddle from Mama Coco makes swaddling your newborn easier than ever. With their two-step system, simply pull the two pouches of fabric up and over the baby to secure. No more blanket origami or trying to fuss with getting the swaddle wrapped securely. This award-winning swaddle keeps your baby feeling safe and secure in a familiar womb-link position. The swaddle is available in several adorable fabrics and sizes 0 through 6 months.

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11. Canopy Blanket from Tiny Roots


Tiny Roots is a brand owned and run by two mothers who are on a mission to Mae a positive impact with their high-quality clothing and blankets for children. With every purchase you make, 10% is given to A21 programs that fight against human trafficking. All their products are fair-trade, made by workers who are receiving fair living wages and good conditions - you can even meet some of these individuals on their website. Tiny Roots’ Canopy Blankets make the perfect gift idea, made from buttery soft, stretchy bamboo fabric, this blanket will be an everyday favorite!

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12. Silky Slumberzzz Pillow


Silky Slumberzzz were created for babies, by a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse. Silky Slumberzzz is the first of its kind to offer satin baby pillows that help maintain the baby's natural round head shape to eliminate hair loss, promote hair growth, and protect against flathead syndrome. All of their cushions are 100% satin and have removable casings for easy washing. There are so many things to think about and take care of as a new parent, by gifting a new parent this innovative product that protects their baby's head and hair, they'll have one less thing to worry about!

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13. Magnolia Tankini from Sugar Bee Clothing Co.


You can’t go wrong gifting the new mom with some adorable baby clothing. Especially something like this adorable Magnolia Tankini from Sugar Bee Clothing. Every Baby Shower attendee will be awing over this unique gift - many people tend to gift newborn onesies, etc, so switching it up with something like a fun swimsuit will really make a splash (pun intended)! Sugar Bee Clothing has a ton of affordable and high-quality clothing for babies and children, be sure to check them out!

Click here to shop Sugar Bee Clothing Co.

14. Fawn Doll from Odin Parker


We love the marketplace, Odin Parker, because they offer unique, gender-neutral baby goods that are heirloom quality, meaning they’re high quality and long-lasting enough to be passed down to future generations. Another thing to love about Odin Parker is that they’ve partnered with Children’s Hunger Fund to provide meals to kids in need, so with every purchase, you’re helping feed a hungry child. You’ll have a hard time choosing which of their unique products to choose from - we love their stuffed animals like this Fawn from Cuddle + Kind, but there are SO many other amazing options to choose from so be sure to browse their site!

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15. mamaRoo®4 Multi-Motion Baby Swing


If you can join together with a few friends or family members to pitch in, this multi-motion baby swing from mamaRoo is definitely a gift to consider. Mothers all over the internet are raving about this baby swing that bounces up and down and side to side, mimicking the motions of actual mothers holding their baby. With 5 speeds and 5 motion settings for a total of 25 combinations - new moms will get so much use out of this.

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16. Clean, Natural Mom & Me Fragrance from Boiess


Boiess creates colognes for mom, kids, and baby, that are gentle, non-toxic, and infused with prebiotics and vitamins. New moms might be wary of using their traditional perfumes or scents due to harsh chemicals and fragrances added, which is why Boiess makes the perfect gift. All their fragrances are unisex, hypoallergenic, dermatologically and pediatrically tested, plant-based, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and natural. This woman and minority-owned business is on a mission to create fragrances for the whole family that create moments and memories to cherish forever.

Click here to shop Boiess Fragrances!

17. Belly Jelly Ultrasound & Stretch Mark Gel from Dr. Jacobs Naturals


This non-sticky gel is made out of all-natural and organic ingredients, making it safe for mama and baby. Moisture enhancing USDA Certified Organic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E make this product perfect not only for ultrasounds but also after pregnancy to reduce stretch marks. The gel is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, vegan, non-greasy, lightweight, and so much more. The gel can also be used for mammograms, massages, and any time some viscosity is needed!

Click here to buy Belly Jelly Ultrasound & Stretch Mark Gel from Dr. Jacobs Naturals

18. Mama + Mini Travel Bags from LĒ·LĀ·LŌ


Made by mother-owned brand, LĒ·LĀ·LŌ, these adorable and practical matching travel bags for Mama and Mini make the perfect baby shower gift. There are so many things to bring with you when traveling or even just leaving the house with a newborn or child, these travel bags make it easy to keep track of everything and keep it all in one place for easy access. They’re made of nylon making them easy to spot clean, and are also machine washable! Mama will love having a matching pouch with her Mini, but you can also purchase these separately.

Click here to buy the Mama + Mini Travel Bags from LĒ·LĀ·LŌ!

19. Bamboo Diapers from Bambo Nature


One gift idea that will certainly get used is diapers! New parents go through so many diapers, it's always great to have extras on hand. We love these bamboo diapers from Bambo Nature because not only are they an eco-friendly diaper option, but they're also super absorbent and comfortable. These diapers feature top dry acquisition layers that pull moisture away from your baby's skin to help reduce the risk of rash and irritation, along with an array of other features that make these some of the best diapers on the market. Walmart sells a pack of 108 diapers for less than $40. We've linked them for you below!

Click here to buy Bambo Nature diapers!

20. Animated Elephant "Flappy" from GUND


GUND is one of the oldest manufacturers of soft toys in America and home to the huggable teddy bears and stuffed animals, they're known for their quality and innovative designs. Their premier plushies are made with the softest material and huggable stuffing and last for years and years. We love their huggable Animated Flappy elephant, who sings and plays peek-a-boo!

Click here to buy the Animated Elephant from GUND!

21. Biodegradable Baby Wipes from Coterie


These baby wipes from the BIPOC-owned brand Coterie are made of 99% water plus 5 clean ingredients. We love that they're made with biodegradable, 100% plant-based VEOCEL™ fibers, so there's less impact on the environment than traditional wipes. New parents use A LOT of baby wipes, so you really can't go wrong giving these as a gift or as an addition to another gift. They offer an 8-pack of wipes (that's 448 wipes) for only $52.

Click here to buy the Baby Wipes from Coterie!

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