What's In Your Lube & What Does "Clean" Really Mean? Foria Breaks It Down

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“Clean living” has transcended various industries from household products, to food, fashion, beauty, and now, also the sexual wellness industry! We got in touch with the health and sexual wellness brand, Foria, to go over what "clean" really means when it comes to sexual health products, including lubricants. It's important to realize that many lubricants on the market today are actually made with harmful ingredients like glycerin, petrochemicals, or parabens, that can have adverse effects on your body. Luckily, Foria has an award-winning line of clean and natural lubricants, including their best-selling Sex Oil, that's actually made with CBD which helps ease discomfort and heighten arousal, among other benefits. We interviewed Foria's Chief Brand Officer, Kiana Reeves, about how Foria pioneered the clean sexual wellness industry, what makes their natural Sex Oil the best, and the various benefits of CBD lube. If you're someone who loves clean living, you won't want to miss this one!

WDC: What is Sex Oil?

Kiana: Foria’s Sex Oil is our all-natural, clean, and organic lubricant–– made with only 2 organic ingredients - MCT coconut oil and broad-spectrum, USDA organic-certified, regeneratively grown USA hemp. Now formulated with double the CBD, Sex Oil supports pleasure, relaxation, and sexual comfort.

WDC: Why does it matter what's in your lube?

Kiana: An all-natural lubricant is something I recommend to my clients often for supporting pleasure and relaxation, which can be helpful for those who experience low sex drive, painful sex, or endometriosis. Painful sex is more common than you'd think, and CBD supports sexual comfort and ease – gently and naturally. Most lubes on the market contain ingredients that can mess with PH or disrupt vaginal flora, not to mention chemicals that I personally don't want in my body (especially because the vagina is super absorbent). Foria’s Sex Oil only has two purely organic ingredients, it’s slippery and moisturizing, and it is so clean you could literally eat it if you wanted to. It is oil-based, so I don't use it with latex condoms - however, there are some great, oil-safe alternatives to latex. So if you haven’t tried a lubricant yet, take this as your sign!

WDC: What ingredients should I absolutely avoid in Lube?

Kiana: Always and forever I recommend that my clients only use all-natural and plant-based products, or at the very least ingredients you can recognize. Avoid dyes, fragrances, glycerine, and anything you can't pronounce. I like to say if you wouldn't put it in your mouth - don't put it on your genitals. Many people like silicone lube because they tend to last a very long time and often do not need re-application. That said I personally am a fan of water and oil-based lubes that only use plant-based ingredients. Our bodies are very sensitive, and the ecosystem of the vagina is especially sensitive, so taking extra care with ingredients is essential. The sex industry doesn't have a lot of regulation about what is put into their products, so I like to err on the side of caution and only use lubes made with products that come straight from nature itself.

WDC: Why is everyone so into lube right now?

Kiana: These days, lube is showing up in some unexpected places––like your nail salon or your bodega––and folks seem more interested than ever in this steamy essential. There’s a reason for that: the combination of stress and anxiety from the past year have had a significant impact on Americans’ sex lives (check out our recent study for more on that) and this year’s spring and the coming summer seem to be a time of tapping into that pent up energy and need for connection. Regardless of the context, summer months tend to wake up our connection with our bodies, and shake off long winter hibernation.

So why lube? Lube is a great addition to the bedroom for so many reasons––it can help support pleasure, ease discomfort, enhance sensation, and create a feeling of increased closeness between you and your partner. And if you’re choosing a high-quality, all-natural lube or Sex Oil, ingredients like broad-spectrum CBD can take things to the next level by supporting relaxation. So whether we’re talking about solo intimacy or getting it on with a partner, I recommend making lube your +1.

WDC: Why is CBD great for lube?

Kiana: When used topically, CBD supports pleasure, arousal and relaxation. CBD has also been shown to ease discomfort, and soothe tension. All of those things prime the body for heightened arousal, increased pleasure, and increased sensitivity, making CBD products ideal for play in the bedroom. Everyone’s experience is different, but on an anecdotal level, CBD play seems to offer incredible benefits in this realm. Our Intimacy Sex Oil is for everyone, crafted with 400mg of broad-spectrum CBD to support lubrication, pleasure, and relaxation. When you incorporate products with a "full spectrum" or "broad spectrum" of cannabinoids (meaning there’s no THC), you can use less to achieve greater benefit.

WDC: How has Foria pioneered the clean intimacy industry?

Kiana: With a best-selling multi-botanical arousal oil, an all natural Sex Oil, broad spectrum suppositories for pleasure and relief, daily tonics for wellbeing, bath salt blends with CBD, and more, Foria effectively pioneered the category for CBD and sexual wellness. We're inspired not only by the profound benefits experienced by our community, but by the mission of making sexual wellness more accessible (and sustainable) for all.

Last year, we began sourcing all of our hemp from Hudson Hemp, a farm that maintains organic, biodynamic, and regenerative practices from seed to oil. Their hemp has received USDA Organic certification — a rarity in the industry. This vertically integrated partnership reflects Foria’s environmental values while also streamlining on-site cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing, to eliminate costly extra steps and lighten our carbon footprint. It also allowed us to reduce prices across the majority of our product line in September 2020. We also recently partnered with pioneers in sustainability - Brown & Wilmanns Environmental - to completely rethink our packaging, with the goal of reducing waste and pollution while enhancing recyclability.

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