On Venmo Can Someone See If You Screenshot Their Payment?

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Can Someone See If You Screenshot Their Venmo Payment?

Venmo has become one of the most convenient — and amusing — social media inventions of our time. It makes it a breeze to split the bill at brunch with a group of friends, and has given us a whole new level of stalk-ability with its comment field, which is often filled with witty quips and a curious combination of emojis. But with all this interest in scanning Venmo feeds, can someone see if you screenshot their Venmo payment?

No, Someone Can't See If You Screenshot Their Venmo Payment


The answer is no, you won't get a notification if someone screenshots your payments, and vice versa.

However, this could make you feel a little uneasy. All of your Venmo transactions are being publicized to your friends on the app. If this is a concern to you, breathe easy — there is a way to find that! Find out how to make your Venmo payments private here.

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