ReQueered Tales Is Making Queer Fiction Easier to Find

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This new publisher is giving queer books a second chance.

ReQueered Tales Is Bringing Back Out-of-Print Queer Books

The LGBTQIA+ community has long had a rich and thriving culture.

However, without the same funds as mainstream publishers, even beloved books went out of print as small queer presses folded. That's where ReQueered Tales comes in, hoping to republish out-of-print queer books for new people to enjoy and previous fans to relive.

ReQueered Tales focuses on gay and lesbian mystery, horror, and suspense with the majority of the books originally published from the 1960s through the 1990s. Their first book, Steam by Jay B. Laws, was published in May and, so far, seven books have been released and four more will be out by the end of October.

The Birth of ReQueered Tales

ReQueered Tales

So, how did ReQueered Tales come to be?

Justene Adamec, Alexander Inglis, and Matt Lubbers-Moore, three longtime fans of LGBTQIA+ mystery and suspense, lamented the fact that many of their favorite books could only be found as used paperbacks, inaccessible to new readers. They set out to change that.

Then began the process of acquiring titles. They had to do their research and find out out who held the rights to the books and authors they wished to print. Often, the author had passed away and rights were held by the family. When it comes to LGBTQIA+ family members and books, it can be difficult because not all families support an author's gender identity or sexuality. However, according to Lubbers-Moore in a Lambda Literary article, ReQueered Tales hasn't "had one negative family reaction yet." Many of the nos they've received are because the books may soon be published by someone else.

The Future of ReQueered Tales

ReQueered Tales

ReQueered Tales has a pretty incredible list of works published in just the short amount of time they've been open, with several great books to be released soon.

At the end of July, they announced they would be publishing works by Brian Bouldrey, author of The Genius of Desire, Love the Magician, and The Boom Economy: Or, Scenes From Clerical Life.

Also signed is Nikki Baker, author of the Virginia Kelly series. Both Nikki Baker and Virginia Kelly are huge in LGBTQIA+ fiction because Baker is the first Black lesbian mystery writer and Virginia Kelly is the first Black sleuth in lesbian fiction.

While it's fantastic ReQueered Tales is providing both the opportunity for a new generation of readers to love out-of-print LGBTQIA+ books and allowing previous fans to read them again, there is something even more impressive about their endeavor. Republishing out-of-print books makes sure they aren't forgotten and helps preserve an important part of queer history, culture, and art in a world that would prefer we'd forget.

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