6 Romance Audio Dramas To Fill That Audiobook-Shaped Hole in Your Wallet!

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Give audio dramas a chance!

Romance Audio Drama

I'm almost always listening to something. Sometimes it's difficult because I'm hard of hearing, but ultimately, it helps me focus because my mind easily wanders. I've become a connoisseur of podcasts and audiobooks, but audiobooks get expensive and I fall into a podcast rut. That's where romance audio dramas come in!

Most podcasts are, incredibly, free unless you choose to help support the creators through monthly donations. I love listening to podcasts and learning things, but sometimes I just need a break. And for as much as I love audiobooks, I can't afford to buy them very often, though audible escape really helps out in that department!

So when I discovered audio dramas, podcasts told in a story formats and similar to the old radio serial dramas, I was ecstatic. Given that I love romance tales, I sought out romance audio dramas and decided to share a few of my favorites with you today. I hope you enjoy them!

1. The Taste of a Smile

The Lesbian Romantic

From The Lesbian Romantic, a podcast that puts out audio dramas, The Taste of a Smile is the tale of a opposites attract and, ultimately, fall for each other. After getting the "promotion of a lifetime," Mary must train her successor the gig as shop manager for Leroy Chocolates. Unfortunately, just having lost a prestigious job and subsequently her purpose in life, Lex is resentful and angry. Still, it doesn't take long for Mary and Lex to discover they both like each other more than they'd care to admit.

Listen to The Taste of a Smile here.

2. Kaleidotrope


Kaleidotrope is a fun romcom audio drama about two radio hosts falling in love on air. Drew and Harrison's radio show somehow becomes an advice-giving show as they find themselves caught up in a mystery of whether people at Sidlesmith, their school, can really find their happy endings. The audio drama "plays around" with many fun romance tropes, including ones often relied upon in fanfiction, creating a lovely podcast!

Listen to Kaleidotrope here.

3. Jules and James

Jules and James

In Jules and James two strangers meet during a wrong number phone call. Jules is directing a film in London, while James is an American living in Paris. After they begin talking, they find they have a lot in common and being talking every week. They discover how easy it is to open up to a stranger about their hopes and dreams, all while they find themselves falling in love.

Listen to Jules and James here.

4. 36 Questions

36 Questions

36 Questions is a little different than other podcasts on the list. The couple in the podcast is already married, only they're attempting to rekindle their love for one another to prevent a divorce. Told in musical form, they use 36 questions that help strangers fall in love with each other to help them reconnect.

Listen to 36 Questions here.

5. Loveville High

Loveville High

Loveville High is a musical audio drama with each episode containing it's own love story set during a high school prom. The stories are all interconnected and include all forms of love, including "romantic love, friend love, sibling love, even self love." Both cast and characters are diverse and feature characters of color, disabled actors, and queer characters.

Listen to Loveville Hight here.

6. Midnight Radio

Midnight Radio

Part love story, part ghost story, and part 1950s radio serial, Midnight Radio is the story of two women who fall in love through unconventional means. Community, moving on, and relationships with our pasts, and being haunted play a huge role in this podcast. The audio drama leaves you with this statement: "Remember: all ghost stories are love stories."

Listen to Midnight Radio here.

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