Fans of True Crime and Comedy Need Check Out 'This Sounds Serious'

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The next podcast you need to listen to? This Sounds Serious!

What Is 'This Sounds Serious?'

It's 2019, and you can't launch a podcast app or turn on Netflix without running into true crime. As a genre, it's blown up faster than we could have anticipated, but given how depressing the daily news is, it isn't shocking people have latched onto true crime, something dark they're able to distance themselves from.

As true crime has grown, it has expanded to include comedy, satire, and parody into the genre. Think Netflix's American Vandal, a true crime mockumentary about a high school prank. Which brings us to why we are here today: a podcast called This Sounds Serious.

This Sounds Serious is a Castbox Original series and developed by Kelly&Kelly creative studio. Though the podcast pays homage to "true crime storytelling" used in podcasts and documentaries, This Sounds Serious is brilliant, comedic fiction, using familiar tropes and tone to tell both and exciting and funny story.

What Is 'This Sounds Serious' About?

This Sounds Serious

The first season of This Sounds Serious tackles The Case of Daniel Bronstadt. In the first episode, we learn local Florida weatherman, Chuck Brondstadt, is found dead, drowned in his own waterbed. His odd brother Daniel calls 911 to report the death and the case takes off from there as journalist Gwen Radford attempts to put the pieces together of Chuck and Daniel's lives and what really happened.

In the second season of This Sounds Serious, Missing Melissa, Gwen Radford is back, and this time she is on the hunt for a missing person. The most missing person in the country in fact. More than 400 miles away, a man named Jimmy Kline robs a bank and held people hostage for 36 hours. Gwen manages to uncover a connection between the missing persons case and the bank robbery in a case that will come to an unexpected conclusion.

This Sounds Serious is produced and directed by Kelly&Kelly and written by Dave Shumka, Pat Kelly, Chris Kelly Peter Oldering, and Mark Chavez. Carley Pope, Peter Oldering Aaron Read, Lynda Boyd, and Amy Goodmurphy star in the show.

When asked why they wanted to create the parody true crime podcast, co-creator Pat Kelly replied, "Our number-one goal is to create a podcast that delivers big on both story and laughs." What more can an eager podcast listener ask for?

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