Did You Know Creative People Travel More?


"Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures." –Lovelle Drachman

Every individual is wired to create, and the key is to recognize that creativity is multifaceted. According to Scott Barry Kaufman and Caroline Gregoire, authors of Wired to Create, creativity is far more complex than a single brain region as the "right brain" myth of creativity suggests. Instead, creativity involves the interaction of cognitive systems and emotions. On a neurological level, creativity is messy. The creative process involves juggling contradictory modes of thought – mindfulness and mind wandering, openness and sensitivity, deliberate and spontaneous, solitude and collaboration. The core of creative achievement and fulfillment is in the ability to hold the self in all its dimensional beauty.

Interestingly, traveling brings about similar modes of contradiction. Traveling is about stepping outside one's comfort zone to find oneself. It's a journey of discovering new places that feel like home. It vanquishes our preconceived notions of the outside world. Traveling is about uncovering new ideas and finding assurance in old ways. It's no wonder that creative people tend to travel more.

Travelers Seek Out New Experiences


One of the key characteristics of highly creative people is their openness. Traveling reveals a part of the world they never knew existed. There are places that haven't landed on pages of a travel magazine. A photograph can never fully capture the beauty of a sunset. The willingness to try new things is inherent in creative people. They welcome the unexpected because what is unknown feeds creativity.

They Have Heightened Sensitivity


New environments heighten the senses and forces one to see beyond the first layer. It forces the development of an encompassing sense of understanding. What is acceptable at home may not necessarily be acceptable in a foreign land. Travel breeds observant and mindful travelers.

And They See the Advantage in Adversity


Traveling is not perfect. It can be challenging, stressful, and frustrating. A carefully planned itinerary is will always be flawed because no one is ever in full control. Creative people hold a strong conviction for the existence of the silver lining. Everything happens for a reason. Some bad lucks are disguised as fortunes – a missed flight, a lost luggage, a chance encounter – all serve a purpose. When things go awry, creative people remain positive and resilient in the face of adversity.

They Think Outside the Box


Traveling is about cognitive exploration. A creative mind is always curious about how things are done. How do people overcome challenges they face? How do they resolve conflicts within their village? How do they take full advantage of the resources they have at hand? What can I take away from this experience? Creative people take what they learn and connect these experiences to synthesize new things.

They Find Discovery In Solitude


Traveling is more than climbing mountains, jumping off cliffs, seeing temples, and walking through grand palaces. It's a journey to self-discovery. Despite how daunting it may be, creative people find joy in traveling alone because it brings about a sense of freedom. Moments of solitude allow for self-reflection and evaluation.


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