Westworld Comic-Con Pictures: HBO Has Taken Over San Siego

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Here is an upclose look at Westworld Comic Con pictures! We scoured Twitter to find the best photos and will be updating regularly!

Visit Westworld


For those you of you as obsessed with HBO's Westworld as we are, then you must be excited to see Westworld's Comic-con pictures of videos of their exhibition/amusement park in San Diego, CA. A few lucky Comic-con attendees got to see the Westworld amusement park today but the rest of us will have to just google "westword comic con pictures" and be satisfied with the digital tour. Also, according to Twitter, only 120 people are allowed into WestworldSDCC each day.

#WestworldSDCC long line


Apparently waiting for Westworld Comic con is half the experience.The HBO Westworldteam must be thrilled. 🔥

Entering Westworld

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Another Door into Westworld

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Westworld Hosts

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Westworld Saloon Bartender (Host)

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Westworld apparently mixes good drinks

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How Long Can You Spend In WestworldSDCC?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, after about 15 minutes inside the saloon, sipping beverages and soaking in music, a Delos rep arrives to take you home. That's it for the experience. No weapon selection, no shoot 'em ups, no side quests... just some fine booze and fine tunes, all gone in the blink of an eye. Much like a real vacation, it's all gone too soon — not unlike the actual Westworld experience, one imagines.