Your Daily June 1st LOVE Horoscope Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Calling all signs!

June 1st Daily Love Horoscope:

Looking for your June 1st daily love horoscope, you're in luck! We have all the June 1st daily love horoscopes. Whether you're single or in a relationship, find your sign to get your daily love prediction!

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Aries - June 1st 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

Love and romance could become very intense, with today's celestial energy. If you have been hovering between two relationships, perhaps not having fully let go of one, and neither having totally embraced the other, then you could feel the need to get this sorted out. It is really a question of letting go of the old completely, so that the new can enter your life.

Taurus - June 1st 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

The planetary alignment could stir a few things up in your love life, especially if you have become too complacent recently. If you and your partner (current or prospective) have been in need of a challenge that will enable you to work together and pool your resources, then you may find you are offered a real opportunity that could seem like the answer to a dream. Go for it!

Gemini - June 1st 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

If you are holding a party, then you could be surprised at one guest who turns up uninvited. The astral alignment implies that someone you have not seen for quite a while may just decide they would like to reinstate the relationship. Whatever happens, you could find that you can't hide the intensity of the emotion that you feel, even with all that make-up.

Cancer - June 1st 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

Today's aspect at play may mean that you are put on the spot and have to make a very fast decision, one that you possibly don't feel ready to make. Naturally this involves your love life and your sense of commitment, and perhaps we never feel really ready to make this kind of choice. However, you have to choose one way or another - so listen to your heart.

Leo - June 1st 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

If you have had the distinct feeling recently that your love life is not going anywhere, then you may be forced to think again, especially with today's astral energy. Maybe an old or existing partnership goes through a transformation, and the passion between you is rekindled. Or you meet someone completely new who manages to blow your socks off. Either would be most welcome at this present time.

Virgo - June 1st 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

The current astral energy gives you a chance to sweep the decks, throw away all the dead wood that has accumulated in your romantic life, and with a clear conscience, enables you to move onto greener and more promising pastures. You may have been wallowing in the mire recently in terms of your love life, but now realize what has to be done, and you go ahead and do it.

Libra - June 1st 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

Things may be quite intense, given today's astral configuration, but this doesn't mean that you won't have a good time. Although your love life could get quite heated, and you may find the expression of your deeper emotions a little uncomfortable, you will not be able to do otherwise on this occasion. At least you partner cannot possibly get the wrong message, and will feel more secure.

Scorpio - June 1st 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

The current planetary energy brings with it one or two surprises, especially if you are going out on a date this evening. You may have thought that you would spend a few quiet hours getting to know each other. But what could happen is that you both seem to hit it off immediately and realize that there is no point in stalling what promises to be a wonderful romance.

Sagittarius - June 1st 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

Things could be slightly intense today, with the current astral configuration, but this could be positive rather than negative. If you and a loved one have been searching for a sense of direction, a goal that will help you to move into the future with confidence, then you may discover a mutual aim that achieves just this and gives you both a profound sense of purpose.

Capricorn - June 1st 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

Today's aspect may encourage you to make a profound decision, and one that could revolutionize your love life. If you have been acutely aware of heading down the wrong track, but have so far lacked the willpower to do anything about this, then you could find that you seem to draw on hidden resources that suddenly make you very determined.

Aquarius - June 1st 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

Life is for living, and you could do a lot of this today, with the current astral alignment. If you have found yourself resisting the urge to tell a loved one exactly how you feel, then you will discover that today, in stark contrast, you want to shout it from the rooftops and let everyone know. Your reluctance to share vanishes in a powerful surge of deep emotion.

Pisces - June 1st 2017 Daily Love Horoscope

Today's aspect at play could mean that a special encounter, either through professional or personal contacts, could turn out to be more than you bargained for. If you have been wondering if you would ever meet someone who seemed to share your thoughts, ideas and ideals, then you may need to look no farther. This is a very powerful indication that your dreamboat has arrived.

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