Milwaukee Lingo - It’s A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do YOU Know?

Are you a true Milwaukeean?

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 Mar 08, 2019
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The world’s largest music festival happens right on the shores of Lake Michigan! What’s it called?
Warped Tour

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“Hey, hand me the ______ so I can change the tv channel.”

Question: 3/22Choose your answer !

"You wanna see a movie later, ______"
How 'bout so
Or not
Maybe not

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When it comes to baseball, you're obviously cheering for the:

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How would a true local pronounce Wilkwaukee?

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If you’re stopping at a TYME Machine, you’re in need of:

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It might sound a little odd, but when a thunderstorm is coming to an end, you might say:
It’s starting to stop
It’s stopping to start
It’s nearing a stop

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Milwaukee touches which great lake?
Lake Superior
Lake Erie
Lake Michigan

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Ice cream is delicious, but frozen ____ is even better!

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What's an FIB known to do?
Blend in like a true Wisconsinite
Have Illinois plates and drive horribly
Have Iowa plates and drive horribly

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"I'm really thirsty, do you have any water left?"
"I'm out, but I see a gurgler right up there!"
"No worries, you can get a drink out of this sprouter!"
"No, but there's a bubbler right up here!"

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Stop 'n go lights are?
Traffic lights
Stop signs

Question: 13/22True or False?

There is a “Recombobulation Area” at the General Mitchell International Airport.
Yes, it's true!
False, what on earth is that??

Question: 14/22Choose your answer!

"You betcha" means?
Of course!
I can't remember!
You're betting!

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Todd and Nancy got to the Packers Stadium 2 hours early, but somehow still ended up at the game late. How is this possible?
Easy! They spent too much time tailgaiting, happens to all of us!
They must have been sitting in the nosebleeds. Too many stairs to climb.
Must've forgotten their tickets at home. Rookie mistake!

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Which of these is a classic Friday night meal for supper?
Hot wings
Fish Fry

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It's true... _______ are a pretty popular side around here!
Fried okra
Fried green tomatoes
Fried cheese curds

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What colors do you wear to cheer on the Packers?

Question: 19/22Choose your answer!

Wisconsinites love to joke that the Wisconsin state bird is actually a:
Bumble Bee

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How far would you say Madison is from Milwaukee?
Around 80 miles
Has to be about 120 km
About an hour and a half drive

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"Come up real quick once" means?
Remember that one time?
Innit so?
Come over

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Bottoms up, Milwaukee’s known as ______ and you should consider yourself lucky to get to call it home!
The Wine City
The Cold Brew City
The Brew City | Quiz Facts

Are you a Milwaukee local, enthusiast or tourist? Then boy, have you come to the right place! This 20 questions Milwaukee quiz is literally MADE for you. With over three hundred and twenty five million people calling the United States home, very few are lucky enough to get to call Milwaukee home. In fact, only about 600,000 of you get to do just that and call Milwaukee, Wisconsin home. Living in the Great Lakes region is already pretty awesome, but residing in Milwaukee makes it that much better! Seriously, you should be seriously proud of your little slice of heaven. You should know all about things like Summer Fest, cheese curds, pop, serious cold winter weather, humid summers, the Brewers, amazing local beer, and the proper way to pronounce Milwaukee. If any of this sounds unfamiliar to you, then you might not be a real Milwaukee local. You'll definitely need to know all of that if you want any chance of acing this quiz!

Don't feel bad though if that all does sound unfamiliar. has quizzes for whatever state or city you call home! That's right, all fifty states and even more cities. No matter where you call home, it's sure to be a unique, special city with all types of lingo, slang, trivia and favorite foods and sports teams. And no matter your age, you can always look fondly back on memories in your hometown. There seriously isn't anywhere else like home. So go ahead: take a break from your busy day and enjoy this two minute mental escape! You earned it!