Seriously, Only A Missouri Local Could Ace This 20 Q Lingo Quiz! Can You?

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Think you know the local lingo?

Consider yourself an expert on Missouri foods, lingo and trivia? Then you might just ace this locals-only MO lingo quiz. Good luck!

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Ok folks, it's time to show off your knowledge of the Show Me State. If you know way more than the average person when it comes to Missouri, this is your time to shine. You'll need to be well versed in a wide variety of Missouri topics if you want to stand a chance of acing this twenty question trivia quiz. For example, is the St. Louis Arch solid or hollow? What type of cake do St. Louis natives especially love? What could be better than Toasted Rav, to a Missourian? What's the proper way to pronounce "wash"? Is Washington University actually located in Missouri, and if so, why?

Do these questions sound familiar? Think you know the answer to a lot of them? Then it might not be too tricky for YOU to ace this quiz, but any non-local would certainly be struggling. Because every state is so different and unique in it's own right. This quiz is meant to be challenging, and so not every person is going to be able to score 100%! If Missouri isn't your area of expertise however, don't sweat it. WDC has a plethora of quizzes in a wide variety of topics. Whether you love geography, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, science, mathematics, the 70s, the 80s, or Madonna, WDC has you covered! It's extremely fun to quiz yourself again and again on these topics you consider yourself to be an expert in. It's the perfect escape from your busy day and provides you with the perfect two minute mental escape. So go ahead, begin this quiz and you'll be smiling for the rest of the day!

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