North Carolina *Slang* - It's A Thing. Do You Know ALL This NC Lingo?

Up to the challenge, Tarheels?

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 Apr 24, 2019
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Question: 1/19Choose Your Answer!

You’re either cheering on ______ or ______, but NEVER both.
Davidson; Duke
Wake Forest; Appalachian State
Duke; UNC

Question: 2/19Choose Your Answer!

Well, assuming you aren’t actually a:
NCSU fan
Drexel Fan
Clemson fan

Question: 3/19Choose Your Answer!

_____ just might be the best fast food chicken around. And the best hangover cure.

Question: 4/19Choose Your Answer!

You just have to drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway at white time of year?

Question: 5/19Choose Your Answer!

Odds are you’ve had a glass of homemade _____ before. It’s a tradition!
Green Tea

Question: 6/19Choose Your Answer!

The whole nation can thank NC for _____ Donuts.
Krispy Kreme

Question: 7/19Choose Your Answer!

Here, you tea will always be:
Cold and sweet
Shaken with mint
Hot with honey

Question: 8/19Choose Your Answer!

Sometimes you just have to order your hot dog ________.
All the way
Animal style

Question: 9/19Choose Your Answer!

The McAdenville Christmas lights are also known as which of these?
North Pole, USA
Sant Claus, USA
Christmastown, USA

Question: 10/19Choose Your Answer!

It’s always surprising to travel somewhere North and not see any ____ on breakfast menus!

Question: 11/19Choose Your Answer!

Not EVERYONE here loves _____, but a lot sure do.
Ultimate Frisbee

Question: 12/19Choose Your Answer!

“Can you grab a ______? There’s way too many groceries to carry!”

Question: 13/19Choose Your Answer!

What’s chowchow?
A delicious type ore relish!
Isn’t that a dog breed?
The best dessert ever!

Question: 14/19Choose Your Answer!

Which of these famous romance novelists just can’t stop setting all of his/her stories in NC?
Nora Roberts
Nicholas Sparks
Jane Austen

Question: 15/19Choose Your Answer!

North Carolinians tend to have a weird loyalty to which of these mayos?

Question: 16/19Choose Your Answer!

You guys aren’t royals, but NC is home to one of America’s few “castles” AKA
The Hearst
The WIlmington
The Biltmore

Question: 17/19Choose Your Answer!

Forget about French fries, just serve me up some fried:
Green Watermelon
Green Tomatoes
Green Peppers

Question: 18/19Choose Your Answer!

Don't get tongue tied! How do you pronounce "Appalachian" correctly around here?

Question: 19/19Choose Your Answer!

Leave the _______ State? Are you crazy? I love it here!
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Tar Heel
Old Dominion | Quiz Facts

Whether you’re a native of North Carolina or a more recent local, we bet you have what it takes to ace this tricky state test without getting any outside help from fellow natives of the Tar Heel State! Can you recall every last detail about this state’s slang, including the Blue Devils, cackalacky barbecue, Tobacco Road, and the Tar Heels? If your memory is sharp enough, then we have a pretty good feeling you won’t get stuck on any of these questions. Let’s see if you can call yourself a true North Carolina local or not! Do you know how North Carolinians pronounce "Appalachian"? Do you know what toppings a true North Caroline hot dog comes with? Do you know how to cook a Hoppin' John? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then this is the perfect geo-identity quiz for you! has tons of fun trivia challenges that will put your knowledge of your home state to the ultimate test. Answer questions about your home state's slang, lingo, food, customs, culture, cities, state capitals, street names, dialect, accent, claims to fames, local attractions, tourist traps, buildings, parks, geography, and more! Prove you're a true native by getting a perfect score. Can you really call yourself a certified local, or are you just a tourist? Only one way to find out! What are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and show off your state pride with this general knowledge test only true locals could pass! Best of luck to you on this test!