Los Angeles Lingo - It's A Thing! Do You Know These 19 'Typical' LA Things?

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Are you fluent in LA lingo?

Ace this tricky 19 question Los Angeles Lingo Quiz to prove that you know the City of Angels like only a true local does. Good luck!

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Did you grow up in the OC? Or were you closer to the Valley? If the numbers 101 and 405 make you dread ever leaving the house, we've got the quiz for you! Only someone born and bred in Los Angeles can understand these integral idioms. If you think that's you, prove it! Do you wish every burger came animal style? Or that it only took you 15 minutes to get somewhere past your driveway during rush hour? Did you grow up on Dodger dogs and Dirty dogs? And you know those are NOT euphemisms, by the way. If you said "yes" to any of these questions, or maybe you're, like, super bored right now, then take this quiz to show off your knowledge as a true Angeleno! Whether you need a break from work, the kids, or from being an adult, women.com is the place to be for your three-minute vacation. We're your one-stop shop for trivia, brain teasers, IQ tests, and everything in-between! Do you dread June Gloom? Can you identify where Disneyland is actually located? How far NoHo is from SoHo? From food and geography to all things entertainment and pop culture, we've got you covered. Check out women.com/quizzes for more content, and be sure to share your results with your friends and other quizaholics. Our goal here at women.com is to make you feel good about who you are - and to take a little break from the outside world. So change out of that wetsuit and get quizzin'!

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