5 Heart-Warming Movies About Getting Older

Scene from the Disney movie UP.
Via Disney

We all age.

We all grow older, but aging isn't necessarily something we enjoy discussing.

After all, who wants to talk about getting gray hair and wrinkles? Not us, that's for sure.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that aging is a beautiful process everyone goes through. The best way to do that is by watching our favorite movies about getting older.

From Up to The Bucket List, scroll below for our five favorite flicks about aging!

1. Up

This Disney film checked off a lot of boxes: romance, comedy, adventure, and yes, getting older. This story follows the love of a husband and how he will go to extreme ends to achieve the wishes of his deceased wife.

2. The Bucket List

Two men—Edward Cole (played by Jack Nicholson) and Carter Chambers (played by Morgan Freeman)—become unexpected friends after sharing a hospital room together. They then go on an adventure to cross of things on their bucket list. The twist? Both are battling cancer.

3. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

British retirees leave their lives to find adventure and luxury in India. They find residence in a so-called newly restored Marigold Hotel. The movie follows their experience and time at their new home.

4. Quartet

A once very popular opera singer retires to a home for retired performers, Beecham House. Jean Horton (played by Maggie Smith), must then face troubles from her past, ex-husband, and find a way to live her life in her new home.

5. Last Vegas

Four old friends (played by Robert Dinero, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, and Kevin Kline) get together in Vegas to celebrate one of them getting married. They experience Vegas, now as older men, to celebrate their friend's wedding. But time apart has taken a tole on their friendship and things from their past get in the way of their fun retreat.

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