Women Share Their Honest Plan B Stories on YouTube

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There's no Plan C...

If you've ever found yourself in the situation where you need to think if you have to take the morning after pill, these women have also been in your shoes.

The morning after pill is an emergency contraceptive that is meant to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or failed brith control. These women share there stories and experiences of what led them to by their morning after pill and how it affected them after.

Women also share the research they've done to better understand what exactly the morning after pill does to your body and period.

Don't feel alone in the situation, there are plenty of women who have gone through it before.

Check out their YouTube videos and how their experience went.

Super Cringe Worthy Morning After Pill Experience by Louise Pentland

Louise Pentland shares her very candid experience of what led her to take the morning after pill. Her very descriptive story tells you the events leading up to her Valentine's Day morning at the pharmacists and standing at the counter with red roses and the pill.

I Took Plan B by Iris Monroe

Iris shares her scary experience after taking a morning contraceptive. She talks about the side affects that she developed, which eventually sent her to the hospital.

Does the Morning After Pill Affect Your Period? by FemmeHead

Victoria shares what she learned about the morning after pill and how it affects your period. She also investigated how the morning after pill affected women's periods differently depending on what day of their cycle they took the morning after pill.

Pregnant After Taking Plan B by Ashers

Ashers shares her Plan B story, and it didn't end the way she expected it. She tells her experience of how she became pregnant even after taking the morning after pill.

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