Quiz: Could You Actually Pass A 2020 California Drivers Test?

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Are you a great driver?

How well do you think you'd do while driving the streets of California? Take this driver's test quiz to find out!

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Do you live and drive in California? If so, you'll need to pass your driver's test. To do that, you'll need to study. While you can look at a driver's manual, you can also test your skills right here!

That's right—we have a quiz to see if you are up to the task of driving in The Golden State! Do you know the rules of the road? What do traffic signals, signs and the various lines you see painted on streets mean? Do you know what it takes to make your car roadworthy in the eyes of the law? Do you know what to do to drive safely, from cell phone usage to drunk-driving laws? Do you know how to turn or merge onto a freeway? Do you know what speeds you should reach on country roads, city streets, and multi-lane highways? If you said "yes" to any of those questions, then you are ready to hit the road—but first, take our quiz to see if you can handle California's busy streets and freeways!

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