Can You Pass This Big Fat American History Quiz?

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Are you ready for recent American history?

Do you think you know all there is to know about the USA? Prove that you're a real American by taking this quiz!

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If you're American as apple pie and if you're a history buff, you'll be able to answer these difficult questions regarding the events and people that shaped this great country since the very beginning!

A lot has happened in creating the United States of America as we know it today. We're a relatively young country — less than 250 years old— but we've packed a lot in that time. From 45 presidents to moon landings, to wars, to inventions from the phone to the electric light to personal computers, America has left an indelible mark on its people, and the world, and continues to shape popular culture, science, and events around the globe, even to this day.

Do you know how we got here? Do you know who the Founding Fathers were and how early American government came to be? Do know the battles fought and waged in the name of Democracy? Can you name every president that has served country since its humble beginnings? Do you know the inventors and inventions that shaped the Industrial Revolution? Do you know how the Stock Market crash of 1929 happened? Do you know the players in the Cold War and who finally won the space race?

If you know the answers to all those questions, you just may be a history buff, and you just might ace this difficult but super fun quiz! So sit back, relax, put on your thinking cap and take a trip back in time through America's colorful, vibrant and rewarding history!

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