Quiz: Are You Vintage Enough To Name All These Old School Candies?

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Indulge your sweet tooth!

Show how much you know about old school candy by identifying your favorite treats in just one image! Good luck!

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Do you remember your favorite candy from when you were a kid? Do you remember what you scored in your treat bag on Halloween, what you shared in the schoolyard, or what candy your grandma always had in her candy dish when you went to visit? If you do, then this is the quiz for you!

Every adult has memories of childhood, and many of them involve candy. We all had our favorites, some of which are still around and some which we'll never see again. If you think you can remember the candy of your youth, then this is the quiz for you! Identify these old-fashioned treats with just one image! Some may have been under a brand name, and some may have been generic, but one thing is for sure—they are all equally missed. If you feel like being a kid again and indulging in these tasty treats (even if it's only online), take the quiz already! Here, you can have as many candies as you like!

By playing a Women.com quiz, you will not only enjoy yourself, but you'll work your mind out too! You may even be exposing it to new things and while you probably know all the answers here—we believe you're a trivia whiz, after all—there is a chance you may learn something you DIDN'T know in high school. Everyone can use a little extra knowledge, don't you think? We sure do! We believe in you, and we have no doubt you'll ace these fun but challenging trivia questions! Good luck!

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