This Airbrushed Wedding Dress Is The Envy Of Every Pinterest Girl

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It's a literal sunset dream dress.

The internet is freaking out over this airbrushed dream dress.

Taylor Ann Linko (an artist) created the stunning sunset gown herself.

She purchased the traditional and lacy white dress at a secondhand store and got to work. After a week of perfectly airbrushing her gown, she finally created the beautiful blend of sunset colors she wanted.

She even died her hair to match the sunset wedding theme.

"Picking a sunset as a theme was basically just my excuse to have a bunch of colors," she told Buzzfeed.

Linko and her husband Christopher coordinated their whole wedding to match the sunset theme, from the bridal party down to the cake decorations.

Linko is now creating custom airbrushed dresses for brides.

The response was so positive, she decided​ to start a business because of it! Linko sure can paint the colors of her dress, and what a magical sunset wedding.

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