2017 Gift Guide For Him

SoSo, gift guide for him

Boy, hi!

The Ultimate 2017 Gift Guy For Your Man!

Tis the season.... to worry about getting a gift for the man in your life! Does he have everything? Does he buy what he wants, when he wants, leaving you worried you are getting him a gift he already has? Are you worried getting your male boss something could be awkward? Well have no fear because we did all the hard work for you.

Wicked Awesome Slippers (No Really!)

L.L.Bean knows how to keep you warm and these slippers are no exception. Yes, you are reading that correctly, the "Wicked Awesome Slippers" are lined with soft shearling. Better yet? They come with a lifetime guarantee so if you're husband is clumsy at least you know he's in good hands. Or feet.

Boy, Turn Your Records On

Let's be honest, technology can be pretty scary. iPods, transponders, wireless headphones, all the new stuff can get a bit complicated and costly. Why not go old school? These turntable speakers are so easy and straight forward you won't be confused. If you know a guy who likes records or wants to start collecting some then this is a great gift. And if that's too high brow, there is an option to plug a smartphone into and use it as old fashion speakers. So many options!


Keep warm with this attractive Patagonia fleece pullover this winter. Available in an array of colors your cousin or father-in-law will look hip and cool, the way the fine Lord intended.

Read A Book!

Shoe Dog has gotten rave reviews, and we know why. In his memoir, author, CEO and founder of Nike, Phil Knight details the rise of one of the biggest apparel empires, ever. Available in paperback and audiobook, the story of how a $50 investment turned into Nike is at your fingertips. Maybe the man in your life could star in the movie version one day.

FitBit Ionic

Now with the FitBit Ionic you should tread lightly. It would be a great gift since it does so much for your body. That being said, it could be misconstrued as an insult. So, if you're looking for stocking stuffers for the family stick to an exercise theme that way good 'ol Gramps won't think you're hinting at his BMI score.

For The Host With The Most

For the man who needs to throw away his dorm room glasses he's been drinking out for years, look no further. A nice beer mug, wine glass, or carafe goes a long way and will probably improve the taste of whatever liquid finds a home in there. Simple, stylish, and affordable, there will be no complaints when opening this bad boy.