At-Home Gel Manicure Options for Busy Moms

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At-Home Gel Manicure Options for Busy Moms

Attention busy Mom's! We've scoured the internet to find you the best at-home gel manicure nail polish and kits for your busy schedule. No more stress over getting to that salon, all you have to do is add to cart and a long-standing, durable manicure is on it's way to you. Find a gel manicure kit or read our reviews but one thing you should know, you'll have a hard time going back to paying $30 or more at a salon for a gel manicure!

The best part? You don't need a light machine or heavy duty equipment! Beauty brands have mastered top and bottom coats to create a gel manicure in the comfort of your own home. So long are the days of chipped, broken, or faded manicures. Start gardening, scrubbing dishes, or playing with your kids because your manicure will look top notch thanks to the following 7 at-home gel manicure options for busy moms.

1. Sally Hansen Insta Gel Strips Starter Kit

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This one might sound too good to be true but it's not! If you don't want to paint your gel on to your fingers, you can peel it right on. It's a new idea that will likely take off thanks to it's convenience and speed.

2. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

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Sally Hansen is synonymous with the nail industry (is that an industry or did I just make that up?) and for good reason. With reasonable prices and a plethora of products (plus colors) to choose from, you'll want to pick up this affordable at-home gel polish.

3. essie Gel Couture Nail Polish

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I've been a fan of all things Essie for many years now. The variety of colors they offer are incredible and their naming system makes choosing a color enjoyable. This Essie gel nail polish might be more expensive for your first time but if you have a go-to color (or two or five) then this is your best bet for lasting coverage in a color you actually like!

4. Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Enamel

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Revlon knows what their doing when it comes to beauty so it's not shocking they'd have a long-lasting manicure too. If you want affordability ($5) and variety (30 shades) Revlon ColorStay Gel will have a nice new home in your bathroom vanity.

5. OPI Gel Nail Polish

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In the same family as Essie, OPI will take your manicure to chicest level. With even more color options as well as base and top coat options, you can mix and match your regular nail polish into the equation. Just use the OPI Gel Nail Polish and you can customize your at-home manicure. And THAT is a saving grace for busy moms everywhere.

6. NAILS INC Gel Effect Nail Polish

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This British based brand will give you a shiny, strong gel manicure in your living room. Better yet, you can choose more unique colors for a festive manicure. Find your favorite manicure art and emulate some Instagram posts. Get wild with help from NAILS INC.

7. Wet n Wild 1 Step WonderGel Nail Color

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You can buy Wet n Wild in almost every major grocery store, beauty store, or other beauty retailers. With fun, bright, cheerful colors to choose from this at-home gel manicure might be the most affordable and long-lasting. Gift Wet n Wild 1 Step WonderGel Nail Color to your sister, friends, co-workers, or yourself for some much needed pampering.

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