5 Inexpensive Glasses That Are Just Like Warby Parker

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These 5 Glasses Are Just Like Warby Parker and They Won't Break Your Bank

Look, we certainly love Warby Parker. The glasses are affordable, stylish, and made well. But so are a lot of other brands. We decided to find some glasses that are just like Warby Parker but still won't burn a hole in your wallet. We found glasses for women of all ages, students who want to rid their heads of aches, and anyone who just wants to liven up their specs. We've read the reviews, we've tried some on, and we're ready to go shopping.

Take a look at some glasses that are just like Warby Parker below!

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1. Capra - $125


Buy it here from PIXEL.

I own a pair of computer glasses from Pixel and they've really done wonders. Now you can add your prescription and save your eyes from harmful screens! The filter blue light helps eliminate glare thus giving your eyes a break from the strain of everyday work. Headaches are no more and you can fall asleep a bit faster!

2. Ray-Ban $178

via Target Optical

Buy it here from Target Optical.

Of course Ray-Ban would have a stylish and affordable pair of glasses available at Target Optical. With a wide selection of fashion forward frames to choose from, another trip to a beloved Target store is welcomed. Make sure to use your insurance so save money and walk out of there with a new view on life. Literally.

3. The Snatcher in Black Tie $40

via Nordstrom

Buy it here from Nordstrom.

For those of us who need reading glasses, try this chic pair on for size. Of course Nordstrom knows what's popular and this pair is no exception. Have it sent to your door and bring it to your optometrist for a fast and easy way to see. If you don't like the look, return to Nordstrom for a full refund. It's actually that simple.

4. Blue Light Hardwire $55

via Quay Australia

Buy it here from Quay.

Quay has really become popular in the last few years. With celebrity endorsements and a wide selection of frames to choose from, you can't go wrong. If you don't need a prescription but stare at phones, televisions, and computers all day then you should absolutely invest in a cheap pair of blue light glasses.

5. Persol $173

via Smart Buy Glasses

Buy it here from Smart Buy Glasses.

Persol has some of the coolest frames I've ever seen. In colors that compliment all skin tones and styles that shape every type of face, you can't go wrong with a pair. And since the brand is sold at discount places like Smart Buy Glasses, you don't have to shell out a fortune on your specs. Cool and savvy all in one.

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