How To Deal With Annoying Landlords


How To Deal With Landlords: Pesky Or Sweet

Landlords are a necessary evil. They charge you for living but you need them to live. Some can be very nice people and others can be downright awful (except for mine, of course!) at times. As frustrating as it may be, it's important to remember the following things.

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A) R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Be it texting or in person, it's always a good rule of thumb to be as respectful as possible. Even when the last thing you want to do it be polite, try it. Getting antagonistic will only result in blatant negativity that could be used against you. So a "yes please", "thanks for your help" can go a long way, even if you want to exchange anything but.

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B) Get Things In Writing

Emails, texts, letters, whatever it may be, do it. If things hit the fan and you have to use your "receipts", as the kids say, you want it hard proof of correspondence.

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C) Read, Read, Read

Please read every document you sign. They are long and boring but doing so could means knowing if your rent will increase year after year, automatic lease renewal or trash pick-up.

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D) Know Your Rights

Read up on your local tenant rights and what you can do if your landlord is abusing theirs.

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E) Keep It Clean

To avoid obvious issues with your landlord, be clean. Report problems if they arise but keep your home in order so your landlord doesn't feel you were disrespectful or dirty. That way you'll both be happy; you with your deposit back and them with less work to fix for the next tenant. Ta-da!