24 Jana Kramer Lyrics for Instagram Captions

Jana Kramer, country music
'Said No One Ever' via Warner Music Nashville

Jana Kramer lyrics make the BEST Instagram captions, I tell ya.

Jana Kramer Lyrics That'll MAKE Your Instagram Captions

If you love a good country music caption for your Instagram then let Jana Kramer help you out. With great lyrics, it's almost as if she knew you needed some help with your Instagram captions. From hits like, 'I Hope It Rains' to newer music like, 'I've Done Love' you'll have plenty of options for your photos.

• "I hope it rains on you, maybe a little bit of lightning too"

• "And I hope it comes a flood, lots of mud, messin' up your whole day"

• "Why you wanna make me keep wanting you"

• "I wish you had on sunglasses to cover up those blue eyes"

• "Out of all of the places in this little town- yeah, you had to come walking in here and sit down"

• "I knew I was in trouble from the moment I met you, boy"

• "Shoulda just called it like I saw it"

• "Shoulda just called for help and ran like hell that day"

• "The burn and the sting, and the high, and the heat, and the "left-me-wanting-more" feeling when he kissed me"

• "I shoulda just called him Whiskey.

• "He's gone like the wind and I can barely feel the pain"

• "Yeah I'm just one of the boys tonight"

• "Hey there, I'm talkin' to you, you wanna drink with me"

• "I'm hangin' with Jack and Jim and raisin' ‘em high"

• "You might hear a few dirty words slip out of this pretty little mouth"

• "No drama queens causin' scenes"

• "Put me in a smoky bar with a cold drink in my hand"

• "Light up a fat cigar ‘cause I don't give a damn"

• "I got the boy and she got the man"

• "We each got something, the other will never have"

• "She's got the future and I got the past"

• "Don't touch the dial, there won't be a problem"

• "Sing as loud as you want boy, I don't care"