14 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Everyone in Your Family

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It's not too late!

14 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Everyone in Your Family

Christmas is just around the corner, have you shopped for everyone on your list?

Last-minute Christmas gifts don't have to be stressful! Most online retailers have great shipping options, but that doesn't mean you can keep pushing off shopping much longer. We've rounded up some of the best last-minute Christmas gifts for everyone in your family. From husbands to nephews, you have a great shopping list right in front of you.

Add these items to your cart and you'll be wrapping them well before Christmas. Stop procrastinating and get to work!

For Your Mom Who Has Everything

FRESH Sugar Lip Set

via Nordstrom

Buy it here from Nordstrom.

FRESH makes the best products and your mom will agree with you. From lotions to chapsticks, she'll appreciate this gift due in part to the awesome container it comes in. She'll think you planned this present for months.

Dry Bar Heated Straightening Brush

via Nordstrom

Buy it here from Nordstrom.

This brush will make her life so much easier if she likes a straight look. Simply turn it on and get to brushing. She won't have annoying bumps in the back of her head thanks to your thoughtful gift.

For Your Sister Who You're Not Close To

Plaid Wrap Shirt

via Nordstrom

Buy it from Nordstrom.

Madewell is always a good choice for women and your sister (who you might not be BFFs with) will appreciate the thought. This plaid wrap shirt can be worn all year long and she'll never know you purchased it last minute.

Shoulder Bag

via Madewell

Buy it here from Nordstrom.

This classic shoulder bag is timeless, she'll never know you threw it together at the last minute. Perfect for the girl on the go, the crossbody is convenient and fashionable.

For Your Mother-in-Law Who Is Picky AF

Barefoot Dreams Robe

via Nordstrom

Buy it here from Nordstrom.

Barefoot Dreams make the SOFTEST products on the planet. Your mother-in-law will appreciate the sentiment behind the comfy Christmas present.

Personalized Initial Necklace

via Nordstrom

Buy it here from Nordstrom.

Personalized gifts are always a great idea! Get her initial, yours, or grandkids, she'll love it!

For Your Devoted Babysitter

Pullover Sweater

via Target

Buy it here from Target.

Your babysitter might be one of the most important people to shop for this year! Get her something she'll actually wear, even if it's last minute. This sweater is so cute, she'll wear it all the time.

Curling Iron

via Target

Buy it here from Target.

This new curling iron from hairstylist, Kristen Ess is extremely popular these days. And luckily for you, affordable and easy to find, order it from Target so you can get it in time for Christmas.

For Your Brother-In-Law You Barely Talk To

The New York Times Explorer: Beaches, Islands & Coasts

via Taschen

Buy it here from Taschen.

The New York Times has a few awesome options when it comes to travel books. This one explores beaches, islands, and coasts across the world. If you're not especially close with your brother-in-law, he'll be really tickled with this thoughtful gift. Just don't tell him you bought it last minute!

Leather Duffle Bag

via LLBean

Buy it here from LLBean.

This duffle bag is soooo nice, your brother-in-law will be IMPRESSED by it. LLBean makes durable products so you'll know it'll last him forever.

For Your Favorite Three-Year-Old Nephew

Play Tent

via Amazon

Buy it here from Amazon for $36.99.

Your nephew will go bananas playing inside this play tent. He'll shoot of into space in the comfort of his home. If he has siblings they'll have lots to imagine up with this Christmas gift.

Building Bath Toys

via Amazon

Buy it here on Amazon for $14.99.

Does your nephew love bath time? He'll never want to get out, now. His coordination skills will improve thanks to this educational yet fun last-minute gift from his lovely aunt or uncle.

For Your Husband Who You Actually Want To Surprise This Christmas

A Trip

via Unsplash

Buy it here on Expedia.

Last-minute gifts can be overwhelming so why not plan a trip? Book those tickets to see friends, family, or to go off on an adventure all on your own. Expedia is a great way to plan a fun trip so what are you waiting for?

Patagonia Fleece Pullover

via Nordstrom

Buy it here from Nordstrom.

Patagonia fleeces are the best and your husband will be so excited to wear his new pullover. It'll keep in warm in the cold months and he'll absolutely love wearing it all over town. You'll win best spouse this year.

Let's Keep the Conversation Going...

What last-minute gift are you buying your family members this year? We want to know!

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