7 Pieces of Lingerie That Make Perfect Gifts for a Bridal Shower

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Bras for brides!

All My Engaged Friends Are Getting 7 Lingerie for Their Bridal Showers

I have entered the phase of life where my weekends and disposable income is dedicated to weddings, bachelorettes, and you guessed it, bridal showers. While, yes, I too am engaged to be married, it seems almost all of my friends followed suit and I have roughly seven pending weddings, including my own.

The aforementioned events means I'm spending anywhere from $50 to $200 (roughly) on gifts. From registries to lingerie, the showering never ends. While I do find the act of giving bras, underwear, or lingerie a bit odd, it's a tradition that seems to have stuck for even the modern day millennial bride. And because I don't enjoy giving my friends lingerie that is most likely intended to be used with their significant other in um, the bedroom, I decided to find some lingerie for bridal showers that don't actually suck. Shopping for myself is hard enough but shopping for lingerie for a friend isn't any easier. Take a look at what I've found and see for yourself, it'll take any awkwardness out of the process while still giving your friend a thoughtful and pretty piece of lingerie at a very public bridal shower.

1. Panache Andorra Bra

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Buy it here from Bare Necessities.

If you want to go with something less showy, this is the perfect lingerie piece for a bridal shower. Everyone will be opening up gifts in front of dear old grandma and this is a good option for a more reserved bride.

2. Shirley Unlined

via Adore Me

Buy it here from Adore Me.

Shirley is one sexy piece of lingerie. She's also comfortable so it's a double whammy. Give something sexy while not breaking your bank.

3. Womens Red V Lacey Halter Bodysuit

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Buy it here from Nasty Gal.

Who knew? Nasty Gal has some pretty lingerie. If you want something a little bolder this halter bodysuit will please all brides. If she likes wearing lingerie casually, this can double as a tank top.

4. Crazy in Love Cupped Lace Bodysuit

via Nasty Gal

Buy it here from Nasty Gal.

For her something blue gift her this cupped lace bodysuit. Classy and comfortable, she'll love wearing this piece of lingerie for her significant other and for herself.

5. Open-Back Lace Teddy

via Lovehoney

Buy it here from Lovehoney.

For something sexier head on over to Lovehoney for something that she can use on her honeymoon. It's sexy, comfortable, and perfect for a bridal shower although I should add...it may or not be crotchless.

6. Brenna Unlined

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Buy it here from Adore Me.

Perfect for wedding nights, date nights, or a solo night alone, give this sexy little lingerie piece at a bridal shower and see if you have a blushing bride on your hands.

7. Fishnet & Mesh Teddy

via Victoria's Secret

Buy it here from Victoria's Secret.

This gorgeous teddy could legitimately be paired with a cute pair of jeans. You can't go wrong with a nice piece of lingerie from VS.

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