The 12 Best Non-Christmas, Christmas Movies

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The 12 Best Non-Christmas, Christmas Movies To Watch Now

The holiday season brings lots of joy to many people. Christmas music blares on the radio, decorations are hung, and presents are being purchased. Christmas movies are programmed for all the major networks and the same few movies are even on loop from time to time. If you're like us and want a break from the defined "Holiday movie", or if you just can't stand to watch The Grinch one more time, we've got a solution for you.

Behold, Non-Christmas, Christmas movies. Below you will find movies that take place around the holiday, or have a lengthy scene dedicated to St. Nick but would never truly be considered a Christmas movie. Perfect for people who want to feel festive without watching the same thing each year.

1. When Harry Met Sally

The story of two friends who fall in love is a classic romantic comedy. Starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, the romance bounces off the screen. And although the movie takes place over many years and many different seasons, the holiday aspect is prevalent. Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, When Harry Met Sally will get you rocking around the Christmas tree, maybe once.

2. Ghostbusters II

A cinematic piece of art, Ghostbusters (both one and two and the remake!!!) is a year round thrill ride. If you want to join the boys in the second installment, you'll experience some holiday cheer.

3. Edward Scissorhands

A weird and lovely story, Edward Scissorhands has a bit of Christmas spirit to it. Edward falls in love with neighbor girl Kim (played by the adorable Winona Ryder) and sculpts an ice figure modeled after her. When he cuts it up it creates snow for the neighborhood, something they don't get often. It's sweet and pure and will leave you happy with your decision to stay home on a Friday night. Speculation of course.


4. Rent

Holy musical, is Rent perfect for this time of year? The character may break out into song and dance but I assure you, no Christmas carols in sight. The movie version of Rent is based entirely on the Broadway production. Besides Rosario Dawson as Mimi, the original cast reprised their coveted roles. The movie touches upon friendship, love, illness, and death. With holiday themes in mind, it's a great film to laugh, cry, and be thankful for the life you have.

5. Bridget Jones's Diary

What better way to avoid the holidays than with a funny, love obsessed Brit? Renee Zellweger earned critical acclaim for playing helpless romantic Bridget Jones, whose taste in pantyhose is similar to her taste in men; tragic. With cozy scenes in the English countryside and romantic scenes in the snow covered streets of London, this movie calls for hot chocolate. Or mulled wine. Whatever your taste, Bridget will keep you feeling festive without an ugly sweater in sight.

6. Catch Me If You Can

This movie, which is based on a true story I might add, is festive. You'll be by a pool in Miami and a cold, drab French prison. The movie, which was nominated for two Academy Awards was a hit at the box office. The story of yearning to be part of a family might not be foreign to all but the outcome of the film, and real life of Frank Abagnale Jr., will surely hit close to home.

7. Mean Girls

A movie that should be MANDATORY viewing all year, Mean Girls does get you into the holiday spirit, for a few minutes at least. The Plastics perform for their entire school in scantily clad outfits, but the physical humor is too good to pass up. You'll be happy you're not in High School anymore and if you are, just know, you won't be forever.

8. Just Friends

A bizarre comedy, Just Friends might change your mind about being with your family during the holidays. Ryan Reynolds goes home for Christmas and falls back in love with his best friend, played by Amy Stewart. There's just one problem. His crazy, egomaniac, celebrity boss, Anna Farris, followed him home. Hilarity and a light holiday movie ensues.

9. Gremlins

And you thought you got bad presents for Christmas. When Billy's father picks up a gift from Chinatown, trouble is opened. An 80's classic with the holidays in mind, Gremlins is truly a great re-watch option.

10. While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock saves Peter Gallagher from being squashed by a train on Christmas day. How romantic is that?! An underrated and classic romantic movie, While You Were Sleeping makes you want to pretend a comatose stranger is your boyfriend and convince his entire family you are going to get married only to fall in love with his brother. Typical family stuff, right?

11. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Not only is this a classic novel written by spy novelist John le Carre, this movie is unbelievably interesting. It's a slow burn and you have to play close attention (yes, meaning PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY) but it is worth it. The Christmas scene will make you feel cozy, but not too comfortable, in your own home.

12. Die Hard

This might be a controversial option, people are split over if it's a true Christmas movie or not. Regardless, it's amazing and entertaining and an excuse to watch it during the holidays might get you out of wrapping presents or untangling lights. Yippee Ki Ya …..