5 Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Women to Wear All Winter Long

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Ugly Christmas sweater... don't leave home without it!

5 Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Women to Wear All Winter Long

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a new holiday phenomenon. Parties surround them and fashion outlets have listened. There are so many options out there, it can be a little overwhelming. Some are legitimately ugly while others are cute enough to wear in public, at least for a little while.

So if you have an ugly Christmas party to attend, or want to buy the women in your life matching ugly sweaters for Christmas, keep scrolling. We've found the best ugly Christmas sweaters out there, and let's be real, they are all pretty cute. You'll make your friends laugh if you walk in wearing one next weekend. Christmas is almost here so it's time to start shopping.

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1. Falala Llama Ugly Sweater

via ASOS

Purchase at ASOS.

Your friends will think you're stylish and funny with this ugly Christmas sweater from ASOS. You might even wear it more than once!

2. Purrfect Christmas Cat Ugly Sweater

via Target

Purchase at Target.

Leave it to Target to help you with your ugly Christmas sweaters. There are a plethora of options but we think this is the ugliest, ahem, funniest. Cat lovers will especially love this sweater for the holiday season.

3. Snowman Ugly Christmas Sweater

via Kohl's

Purchase at Kohl's.

If you're invited to a Christmas party or office holiday celebration, put this on and receive all the compliments. Or at least some. Thanks to the festive snowmen and snowflakes, you'll be ready for the night ahead of you.

4. Ugly Dog Sweater

via Nordstrom

Purchase at Nordstroms.

Leave it to Nordstroms to actually make a cute "ugly" sweater. This cute sweater could be worn in a serious matter, say out in public?! If you love dogs, you'll love this sweater. It's nice and subdued so you can wear it more than once.

5. Deer Knit Ugly Sweater

via H&M

Purchase at H&M.

If you love puns you'll love what H&M has for you. "Make it rein deer" will have your guests laughing like Santa. This ugly sweater won't set you back, it's a cool $25. So hurry up before they all fly away on Christmas Eve.

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