12 Youthful Grandma Names for Your Grandkids to Use

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You're too young to be a grandmother!

12 Young Grandma Names That Won't Make You Feel Like An Ancient Relic

Grandma's are the best. They are always there to give sound advice and unconditional love. Some of them raise their grandkids while others pop in and out of town during the holidays. Whatever it may be, they are an essential part of their grandkids lives.

But just because you're a grandmother doesn't mean you get stuck with an old-sounding name. Regardless of your age, you still deserve a young grandma names. We found a few that are cute, youthful but still appropriate for the matriarch of the family.

1. Nana

Nana might be a more common alternative to grandma but it is a cuter, younger sounding name. If your mom is 45 and a grandmother, may we suggest Nana?

2. Mimi

While, yes, Mimi is a name it also doubles as a grandmother's name. Shorten it or make it into a nickname but you'll still feel young when your little grandchild calls you "Mimi".

3. Gamma

Grandma might sound old but Gamma is her fun younger sister. If you still wanted to feel like a grandma, Gamma is your best bet.

4. Mémé

The French call their grandmothers, Mémé so you know it's going to be chic when your little ones start calling you that too. It's easy for a baby to say without compromising your youth.

5. Lola

Another French take, Lola is an easy word for a babbling baby to say. How happy will you be when it's the first word your little tyke utters.

6. Bubbles

Not only is this option hilarious but adorable. Adorably young, even.

7. Nooni

Nonna is the Italian word for grandmother but Nooni is just a fun play off of it. It's easy and fun to say and still sounds young without trying too hard.

8. Peaches

I love this option. While it might be on the abnormal side, it's cute. You'll definitely be their favorite grandmother if you go by peaches.

9. GiGi

Gigi is often used for great-grandmother but it's cuter for a young, hip lady.

10. Mee Maw

I learned about this grandmother alternative option on a reality show so while that doesn't say much, it is cute. If you're from the southern United States, this is probably a pretty common option for you.

11. Pippy

You will always have a halloween costume thanks to Pippy Longstocking. Even if your name doesn't start with a "P" this is a youthful idea for all you young grandmas out there.

12. Kitty

Just imagine your granddaughter calling you kitty, how cute! It's young enough to make you sound youthful but will also age nicely over the years.

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