Quiz: Only *Avid* Readers Will Know The Meaning Of These 18 Words. Do You?

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Take this quiz to prove you know how to use words correctly!

Can you ACCEPT the fact that some people don't know how to use some words CORRECTLY? Take this quiz to see if you can dodge some word bullets.

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Are you an english language champion? Do you believe in the power of verbal communication? Are you captivated by the power of Grammarly? Do you like to pepper in the correct usage of highly intelligent terms throughout your well thought out sentences? Are your buttons pushed when someone speaks to you and they aren't grammatical correct? Do you cringe when someone writes there going to the store instead of they're? How about your vs. you're? If you said, yes to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place! We welcome you to the quiz of a lifetime! It's time to show your stuff Mr./Mrs. Braniac!

Women.com strives to provide the public a mental break from "everyday" tasks. We understand and appreciate the struggle and drive that you need to accomplish every day no matter how big or small the battle is. This is why we believe that everyone deserves the chance to break free and find their happy place. Welcome to your happy place. We are glad you are here!

Now if you prefer to be the smartest in the room compared to the funniest, your time has come. Women.com is ready to take you on. But we have to ask, are you ready? Because the time is now, my friend!

By pressing the start button you will be entered into the amazing game world. We wish you luck because we know this will not be an easy ride! Good luck! We figure you will need it!

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