Quiz: Every Catholic Has A Patron Saint - Who Is Yours?

Which Patron Saint should be your new BFF?

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 Mar 02, 2019
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Question: 1/18Pick One:

How important are religious mission trips to you?
Sort of important
Very important
Not important

Question: 2/18Pick One:

Do you prioritize spending quality time with your significant other?
Of course I do!
Not so much

Question: 3/18Pick One:

Do you consider yourself to be a peacemaker?
Not quite
I can be

Question: 4/18Pick One:

How many times per week do you read your Bible?
Once or twice
I don't really read it
Three to four times

Question: 5/18Pick One:

Do you perform favors for your friends without expecting something in return?
All the time!

Question: 6/18Pick One:

Do you say "I love you" to your loved ones often?
Very often!
Not really
I'll say it sometimes

Question: 7/18Pick One:

Do you encourage your friends to apologize to each other when they argue?
Only some of the time
I always do!
No... not my business

Question: 8/18Pick One:

Do you have a favorite Bible verse memorized?
I do!
No I don't
I used to

Question: 9/18Pick One:

Have you ever done volunteer work?
Many times!
Every now and then

Question: 10/18Pick One:

How do you express your love for others?
I don't really do that
Words of affirmation
Hugs and kisses

Question: 11/18Pick One:

How do you feel about TV or movie disputes between characters?
I wish characters would reconcile!
I have no opinion
I'm intrigued by the drama

Question: 12/18Pick One:

Do you enjoy reading both the Old Testament and the New Testament?
Just the Old
Just the New
I enjoy both!

Question: 13/18Pick One:

Do your friends describe you as being compassionate?
Kind of
Not so much

Question: 14/18Pick One:

Do your friends describe you as being loving?
Kind of
Not so much

Question: 15/18Pick One:

Do your friends describe you as being peaceful?
Kind of
Not so much

Question: 16/18Pick One:

Do your friends describe you as being pious?
Kind of
Not so much

Question: 17/18Pick One:

Do you enjoy helping the less fortunate or those who are in need?
I truly do!
Not so much

Question: 18/18Pick One:

Which of these holidays is most special for you?
Valentine's Day
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The Catholic Saints are very important to people who are part of the Catholic religion. They are the ones you can pray to for little things here and there that are going wrong-- and even things that are going right!

There is a Saint you can pray to about the weather, about your relationship with your children, about your finances, and everything else too! St. Francis de Sales was a very wise saint who said, "In so far as divine love beautifies our souls. And makes us pleasing to His divine Majesty, it is called grace; in so far as it gives us strength to do good, it is called charity; but when it reaches such a degree of perfection, that it makes us not only do the good but do so carefully, frequently and readily, then it is called devotion."

St. Augustine is a popular Saint that a lot of us have most likely heard of. He said, "The fruits of charity are joy, peace, and mercy; charity demands beneficence and fraternal correction; it is benevolence; it fosters reciprocity and remains disinterested and generous; it is friendship and communion: Love is itself the fulfillment of all our works. There is the goal; that is why we run: we run toward it, and once we reach it, in it we shall find rest." There are plenty of other Saints who have said a lot of profound and insightful things in their day. Now it's your turn to see which saint you connect with the most! Are you ready to find out?