Cycling Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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Are you a cycling champ?

Have you been into cycling for awhile? Take this quiz to see how well you do and how much cycling lingo you know about!

 Jul 30, 2020

1 of 18Pick One:

A sudden attempt to pull ahead from a rider or group of riders is called what?

2 of 18Pick One:

What is "aero" short for?

3 of 18Pick One:

Hit the _______ on your bike to slow down or stop!

4 of 18Pick One:

If your riding a century, how far are you riding?
A 10-mile ride or race
A 100-mile ride or race
A 50-mile ride or race

5 of 18Pick One:

What is the loop of roller links that transfers power from the pedals to the rear wheel to propel the bike forward called?

6 of 18Pick One:

Which of these is a cool bike trick?

7 of 18Pick One:

True or false: A road race against the clock is a time trial.

8 of 18Pick One:

What is the pocket of air behind a cyclist or vehicle that breaks the wind resistance called?

9 of 18Pick One:

What is a clincher?
Riders, usually in a race, who crank away to try to catch a lead rider
A standard tire design that has a hooked, U-shaped rim and open tire
The grease mark some new cyclists get on their legs

10 of 18Pick One:

Sit down on the _______ of your bike to ride!

11 of 18Pick One:

True or false: The component on a bicycle that connects the handlebars to the steerer tube is a tubeless tire.

12 of 18Pick One:

What is it called when you transition from one gear to another?

13 of 18Pick One:

What is a Clydesdale?
A male athlete over 220 pounds
A bicycle sprocket or gear
A type of pedal that locks into the cleat of special cycling shoes

14 of 18Pick One:

When it comes to cycling, what does PSI stand for?
Pull Saddle In
Proper Standing Ions
Pounds Per Square Inch

15 of 18Pick One:

What is a pannier?
Brake chains
A basket, bag, box, or container attached to your bicycle to carry cargo
A large group of cyclists

16 of 18Pick One:

True or false: Pedaling hard in the big gears is called hammering.

17 of 18Pick One:

When it comes to cycling, what does LSD stand for?
Looping Street Driving
Long Steady Distance.
Length Stride Destination

18 of 18Pick One:

Bike _______ come in all different shapes and sizes for different riders.
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Cycling is one of the most active and fun hobbies for people to take part in! A lot of people love to relax by strolling slowly beside the beach on their bicycle with their friends, significant other, or family! The gentle breeze of ocean air blowing across your face feels almost heavenly and the sunshine can feel so remarkable! Mountain Bikes are better reserved for rocky terrain and people who love a little more adventure in their lives might aim toward riding their mountain bike on a hillside with a lot of great scenic views! Bike riding can be such a great bonding experience for people to share… whether you choose to ride bikes with your son or daughter, husband or wife, sister or brother, or maybe just a best friend! Spin cycle classes have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years because gorgeous gyms and fitness centers set their spin cycle rooms up in a way that is incredibly aesthetically pleasing! The screens on the spin cycle bikes often show off a virtual reality of super cute hiking trails with lovely trees, sunsets, clouds, and even rainbows! If you love riding bikes, you are not alone! This fun hobby and physical activity is very popular in most states and cities! A lot of cities even make sure that bike lanes are clearly marked on their streets so that cyclists have full range to ride their bikes freely and comfortably. See how you do on the cycling lingo quiz!