Atrocious Outfits From The 90s That Will Give You Secondhand Shame

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Bet you can't make it through this whole list without cringing!

1. Does it get more 90s than this?

Platform heels. Patterned pants. A feather boa? I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

2. How low can you go?!

Low rise pants. They were all we would buy. BUT WHY???

3. But wait... it gets better!

NOW let's make those low rise pants metallic gold bell bottoms. Add a hat and sun glasses to fully accessorize this trendy look!

4. These hats...

They were everywhere.

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Oh MAN and were they bad.


LOL but not like this

6. Shine on, Jess!

From the awkwardly paired pants and metallic shirt to her glitter ball eyes... this is a definite trend of the past that we NEVER need to repeat.

7. DIY bellbottom pants

You can only go up from here, people!

8. This scandy little shirt

WHAT were we thinking?

9. This whole thing she's got going on

Remind me... were these headbands seriously a trend? I think my brain purposely blacked this entire trend out to protect me.


Jen... what were you thinking? What were we all thinking?!

11. The scrunchie full on 90s look

This look wasn't just for kids. We were all rocking oversized brightly colored tees with shorts and scrunchies. What a time to be alive!

12. This. Just this.

I don't even have the words to explain what is going on here.

13. What is happening here?!

Bell bottoms with patchwork... a belt that is NOT HOLDING UP her super low rise pants... a fur jacket... those tiny tinted sunglasses. This literally looks like the 90s threw up their worst fashion trends all over this poor girl.

Does it get more 90s than this?

How low can you go?!

But wait... it gets better!

These hats...


Shine on, Jess!

DIY bellbottom pants

This scandy little shirt

This whole thing she's got going on


The scrunchie full on 90s look

This. Just this.

What is happening here?!

Well... I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we are happy the 90s are over.

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