Quiz: Only Diehard Wheel Of Fortune Fans Can Complete All These Phrases

wheel of fortune
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Can you complete these phrases with absolutely no help? Few people can!

See how well you know your common phrases by taking this quiz and filling in the blank words in the popular phrases.

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"Wheel of Fortune" is one of the most famous and popular American game shows. Featured on the show is a competition in which contestants must solve word puzzles to win cash and other prizes, which are determined by a carnival wheel. In many ways the word puzzles in the gameshow are similar to those used in Hangman. Try out this fun "Wheel of Fortune" quiz to test yourself on some of the most common phrases in the English language. Some of the phrases included in the quiz are "It's raining cats and _____", "Get your _____ around it", "Stick to your _____", "Leave no _____ unturned", "Get it out of your _____", "Shape up or _____ out", "Cut somebody some _____", "By the _____ of your teeth", "Once in a ________ moon", "Tar someone with the same _____", "Hear on the __", "Let the _____ fall where they may", "Sit on the _____", "Take what they _____ with a pinch of salt", "Hit the ________ on the head", "Bite off more than you can _____", "To _____ someone in the back", "To ________ your touch", "To be ________ the ball", "To look like a ________ dollars", "________ to the chase", "Get ________ something", "Keep your ________ up", "A ________ of fresh air", "A little ________ told me", "Make a ________ out of a molehill", "________ about doing something", "Save money for a ________ day", "Have a ________ up your sleeve" and "Do the ________ work". Kick back and take the quiz now!

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