Quiz: We Can Tell You Your Mental Age in 25 Questions

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Your mental age might surprise you! Ready to find out what it is?

Take this fun and challenging quiz to find out what your mental age really is by answering random trivia questions.

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One of the best ways to evaluate where your mental age really stands is to take a quiz full of fun and exciting general knowledge questions. This quiz is challenging and stimulating as it asks questions on a range of subjects, including geography, science, pop culture and history. Some of the questions in the quiz are "Is the stag the male or female of the deer species?", "What is the gemstone for the month of May?", "Why do brides wear white when they get married?", "The scale represents which sign of the zodiac?", "Pearl Harbor is located in which US state?", "Which Hogwarts house are Harry Potter and his friends in?", "Cherries are associated with which season of the year?", "Which figure was assassinated in 1968?", "Which of these is less processed: white sugar or raw sugar?", "What is the name of the fictional street on which The Simpsons live?", "A trifle is a traditional dessert from which country?", "What do people throw into Rome's Trevi Fountain to get good luck?", "An espresso coffee never has milk in it. True or false?", "Which European city is famously known as the City of Lights?", "Actress Charlize Theron is from which country?", "The song "Freddy, My Love" comes from which famous musical?", "Which of these '90s TV shows was about three sisters who were witches?", "Which of these was NOT one of the original 13 colonies?", "What came first: the Vietnam War or World War 2?" and "Which of these is bigger: the Indian elephant or the African elephant?". Take the quiz now to reveal your mental age!

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