Wife Struggles To Get Pregnant, Then Makes A STUNNING Confession


What this husband and wife had to go through...


For years, Dan and his wife Leah struggled to get pregnant. They tried every method from hormones to intrauterine insemination. It became alarming because of the pressure to have kids before it was "too late," as the couple reached their late 30s.

Dan took to Facebook to express in an open letter the struggles that he and his wife experienced on their journey towards pregnancy including holding onto the hope that they could have a family of their own. From a very detailed description of what is it like to make a sperm deposit to the heart-rending, painful experience of a miscarriage, Dan used Facebook to share a very important, special message to the world about pregnancy and the hardships that came with attempting to conceive.

"Do you have a minute? I've got kind of a long story," Dan begins.

Dan and Leah had been trying to get pregnant for 3 years after they stopped birth control. Despite all their efforts, their home pregnancy tests still did not come out screaming "You're pregnant!" They decided to take conceiving a child to the next level--giving sperm samples, hormone injections--you name it. It was only a matter of time when the depression started to set in and the fear of never having a child together was imminent.


And then with an IUI and a frozen deposit left behind, the blood test by their doctor said they were pregnant. That sense of excitement they felt when they went in for their first ultrasound is indescribable. After months and months of hoping for a child, they now had one growing inside. But of course, the higher you let your hopes up, the further they have to fall.

A couple of weeks later, they were told "I'm sorry. I can't find the heartbeat." Time felt like it stopped for these two as they realized they had lost a baby. Miscarriage.

Dan explained that when a family member passes, it is normal and allowed to share your grief. But with a miscarriage, you are telling others to grieve someone who was never born with no impact on anyone else but the parents. All those efforts to finally become pregnant withered away as the fetal tissue slowly passed through the course of the week.

But in time, they told themselves that they could get pregnant on the bright side of things. So they kept trying. Keep in mind that this couple has never had a home pregnancy test that came out positive. So when they looked at their very last home pregnancy test, Dan told Leah that it was negative. The line was so faint...almost impossible to indicate that they could be pregnant. But Dan decided to google 'pregnancy faint test line.' And with the Google search and in the words of Dan, "the faintest fcking line in the whole f*king world means you're pregnant."

And there you have it. Three ultrasound scans later, there was a heartbeat.


Congratulations to Dan and Leah for never giving up on starting a family.

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