Quiz: Which Type of Doctor Should You Be?

Chandra Wilson in Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via Disney–ABC Domestic Television

Say ahhh! Should you be a surgeon or a pediatrician? Take this quiz to find out which type of doctor you should be!

Wondering which type of doctor you should be? Take this quiz to see if you should be a surgeon, pediatrician, Ph.D, or something else right now!

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Everybody knows becoming a doctor is hard work, and it's just as hard to decide which type of doctor you should be. Half of the battle is deciding what kind of doctor you want to become in the first place! If you don't mind being around children, maybe being a pediatrician is best suited for you. If you've got a good pair of steady hands, then you might want to consider becoming a surgeon. Who knows? Maybe you're destined to become an entirely different kind of doctor than you think. Let's find out!

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