To The Friends Who Still Love Us Even If We Don’t Talk Every Day


For being part of my life even when my journey took me miles away from you, I can still feel you close.

For always cheering me up when things go wrong even if via Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime and any other internet life-savers.

For continuing the same old friendship like we have growing up, even though you're now married and about to be a mom. Thank You!

For completely breaking the barrier of time and distance when we meet again and realize that nothing has changed.

For the best gift that will live and die with me, your friendship. For being a kind of connection that lasts no matter what life brings next. Thank you!

For giving me the most hilarious get togethers and the more sincere welcome hugs.

For your unbeatable belief in me, even when you don't fully understand what I'm doing.

For taking care of me when I'm a mess. Thank you!

For still being partners in crime, adding to our list of adventures and crazy stories, wherever we are.

For all the times you meet me halfway and for crossing oceans to see me.

For loving me no matter how the years have transformed me into somebody new.

For making room for my changes, for allowing me to grow and still keep the stillness of our relationship.

For all the impossible things you've done for me and everything you still do. Thank you!

For making me feel safe in knowing that wherever life sends me, I can always come back to you.

For not letting adulthood and geographic separation interfere with our friendship.

For forgiving me for all the times I wasn't there and for not holding it against me. Thank You!

For your powerful words on my desperate moments, for getting me out of the self-destructive. For getting me back on my feet.

For your always being my guide when I feel completely lost in life. Thank you!


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