5 Horrible Things That Would Happen If Alex Left Grey's Anatomy

Alex Grey's

Literally don't make us beg - Alex needs to stay on Grey's forever!

With the Season 13 finale marking Stephanie's departure from Grey's (ugh miss you already), we're back fretting about our other fave characters and who might be next to face the chop. Shonda has already said that the show wouldn't continue without Mer, so she's safe, but Karev always seems to be keeping his life together by a thread so we'll probably always been concerned that he'll do something stupid and leave/die. On that note, in case Shonda is reading, here are 5 terrible things that would happen if Alex were to leave Grey's - take our word for it!

1. Mer will lose her person... again!


We feel like she's just got over losing Cristina and then Derek, because Alex has totally stepped up to the plate. If Alex leaves too, she'll pretty much have no close friends by her side, and as much as we love Maggie and Amelia, they kind of have their own stuff going on right now. Alex is her family now, and we're not sure she'll cope with her. Dark and twisty Mer would definitely return.

2. Jo's husband could return and Alex won't be there to kick ass.


Firstly it would be sad because we're definitely still rooting for these two to rekindle their romance now that while jail taking has passed, but also the last few episodes seem to be setting up and appearance from Jo's Husband in the near future and we're concerned. Not that we condone Alex getting his boxing gloves out (he tends to get himself in trouble that way), but we know that if it came to it, Alex could protect our girl.

3. Arizona will lose a friend AND a successor.


It looks like Minnick might have been shown the door for good following the fire debacle, and we're sure that Arizona will want to have her good friend Alex by her side. Secondly, she has spent so long training Alex to take over her role as a pediatric surgeon. Sure she could train someone else, but we love Joe Arizona challenges Alex to be his best self, and in turn, he's become a fantastic surgeon. We're not sure a bond like that can be easily replicated!

4. Jo and DeLuca might actually get together!

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We know that Jo shut down DeLuca when he tried to ask her out, but if Alex were to leave it would make that particular romantic connection a little less messy. Who knows, that might be enough to convince Jo to reconsider and start up a relationship. We're really not a fan of that idea. Once Alex is gone, what's to stop them from growing closer?

5. There will only be three original characters left!


If we look at the main characters of the pilot, it's a sorry sight to behold. Cristina Yang has moved away (ugh come back to us, we miss you!). Izzie Stevens up and left and never looked back. George O'Malley is dead. Burke is off doing the family thing in Switzerland. And then Derek Shepherd is also dead. If Alex leaves, the only main characters left are Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber in addition to Meredith. And considering that this show was supposed to follow the path of the interns, Meredith will be the only one from her intern class to make it to the end. We're no into that.

So the conclusion simply has to be that Alex can never leave Grey's Anatomy because A) we won't have his hunky bod to look at anymore, and B) because he's an awesome character and we (and Grey's itself) simply won't survive without him!

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